French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

French bulldog puppies for sale

It is hard to find a cuter pet than a French bulldog as it is alert, irresistible and affectionate. After buying my Frenchie, I soon discovered many attributes of this amazing breed. The favorite resting place of this amusing dog is its owner’s lap. That shows the loyal and loving personality of French bulldogs. It is a popular breed and prefers to spend more time with its owner. That makes it one of the best people -oriented dogs. This one of the reasons why most people choose French bulldogs over other breeds.

Once you have decided to buy a French bulldog, it is critical to know how and where to buy it. Finding a reputable French dog breeder who does not only sell healthy breeds, but also has affordable prices is very difficult. There are several French dog breeders that are incredibly reliable, but unfortunately, they are amateur animal breeders and are involved in backyard breeding.

When I made the decision to buy French bulldog, my inclination was to save an innocent French bulldog puppy from unfavorable conditions instead of supporting capitalistic animal breeding. To put it simply, I am going to tell you where you should buy French bulldog puppies for sale.  Also, what should you look for when buying it from a breeder?

Where to Purchase a French bulldog?

If you intend to purchase a French bulldog from breeders, make sure to check if they are officially registered with the American Kennel Club. If you find any discrepancy with a registry, be careful as they can be scam or fake. You can also report the person selling French Bulldogs via fake registries to your local humane community.

In other words, always consider buying a French bulldog from a reputable breeder to avoid complications. Purchasing from the backyard breeders may lead to the exploitation of this breed. Not only this, bad breeders may cost you a lot of money and trouble in the long run.

Reliable Breeders Selling French Bulldog Puppies

1.     Lancaster Puppies

When it comes to buying French bulldogs, Lancaster puppies is undeniably a great help. It helps interested buyers browse and buy French bulldog puppies for sale. The sellers have thousands of classified ads on its websites to help breeders and private sellers meet potential customers.

2.     World of Frenchies

World of Frenchies are trusted breeders, and are based in Florida. They have specialized breeding standards as they breed exotic French bulldogs. The breeders are not only responsible, but also offer high-quality set up for French bulldog puppies. Not only this, they keep well- adjusted puppies, which are healthy and have wonderful dispositions, blocky heads, great ears and funny personalities.

The breeders have been in this business for five-years, breeding and selling commendable puppies with amazing sale offers. The French bulldog puppies receive wonderful healthcare. All the French bulldog puppies are AKC registered and they provide track records when you buy from them. The breeders provide microchip and health guarantee to the clients.

3.     Blue Mountain French Bulldogs

The breeders are situated in Southern California. They are included in one of the most reputed French bulldog breeders in the region, selling the healthiest bloodline of breed.  Registered with AKC, they have standard lifelong care homes for French bulldog puppies. Not only do they maintain accurate records of the dogs, but have healthy French dogs for sale.

They are authorized breeders and ensure health guarantee by conducting regular checkups of their puppies by veterinarians. The purpose is to satisfy the customers.

4.     Bulldogs North Carolina

Bulldogs North Carolina are renowned French bulldog breeders. They have a great range of puppies, which are registered with AKC. Not only do these reliable breeders sell purebred of French bulldog puppies, but they also offer them at affordable prices.

Buying from North Carolina is very convenient as they offer various easy payment options. If you cannot afford to pay the full amount for the puppy you bought, you can make a reservation for puppy adoption by paying a $500 deposit. Once you make the deposit, the breeders will remove your chosen pup from their adoption list.

5.     Blue Gem Frenchies

Blue Gem Frenchies is the right option for people looking for home-bred, healthy French bulldog puppies for sale. The breeders are located in Florida. They have an aim to breed and sell French bulldogs with correct structures.

All the puppies are raised in a natural, homely environment. They are well socialized and receive early puppy training. The puppies are usually bred with family pets and are sold with a strict neuter agreement.

Importance of Buying French Bulldog Puppies from a Reputed Breeder

Unlike other breeds, French bulldogs come with a social element, which reflects in their obedient behavior. Generally, they are aggressive and can demonstrate behavioral issues. If they are not dealt with properly during the initial stages, this negative behavior will not diminish from your pet’s personality.

If you do not select the breeder wisely, it may cause problems for both the dog and its owner. That is why buying healthy French bulldogs from a reliable breeder is essential. Note that bad breeders have the following traits:

  • They hesitate to provide medical background of the puppy
  • They sell puppies with no kennels
  • No certification or reference with AKC
  • No health or vaccination guarantee
  • Unable to answer basic questions about a French bulldog’s breed
  • Selling too many pups at the same time
  • Mostly selling puppies to stores
  • Selling puppies with discipline issues
  • Hesitant to show a puppy before sale

Bottom Line

Overall, finding a French dog breeder is not difficult, but you have to be a smart buyer in order to get the right French bulldog. Even if you get an opportunity to buy a puppy for sale, make sure to check the breeder’s reputation before purchasing. All the above-mentioned breeders are responsible and registered sellers.

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