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French bulldog puppy training-this guide may help you

If you’ve decided to buy a Frenchie, we must tell you that you’re a lucky guy. French bulldogs are bunches of easy-going personalities and highly-intelligent dog breed. In other words, French bulldogs are good students that always seem to be smiling. In order to become a good puppy owner, we recommend you to read our short French bulldog puppy training guide.

french bulldog puppy training

Potty training

When bringing a new Frenchie home, the potty training presents the very first step. If you don’t want to clean your dog’s mess every time he decides to make it, we recommend you to buy puppy pee pads. Put the pads in the place where you want to teach your dog to potty. There’re 2 types of pee pads- disposable and washable, and it’s only up to you which one you’ll choose.

ffrench bulldog puppy training

Therefore, when your French bulldog puppy comes to the stage when is able to leave the house, you should determine the place for going to the toilet. Housebreaking can go slowlier especially if you first allowed your doggie to use pee pads. In that case, French bulldog puppy training will take longer since he’ll be confused where he’s allowed to do that. Let him sniff around and bring him to the potty spot and don’t forget to praise him after every housebreaking training. In that way, a dog will connect the potty with the praise.

french bulldog puppy training

French bulldog puppy training- when is the time to potty?

When it comes to a doggy training, every dog owner should be familiar with his dog’s body language. Your French bulldog will certainly show you some of the following signs if he needs to go outside:

  • pacing and sniffing around the house
  • nervously walking through the house
  • barking
  • wandering off to a quiet area

Consider that in the first few months, your Frenchie needs a frequent opportunity to go to the toilet.

french bulldog puppy training

Crating a dog

Dog crate usually doesn’t present a closed box-a-like space. It refers to confinement area in the house where your puppy can sleep, play and relax during the day. In other words, it should be your dog’s favorite place for chilling. While some dog owners prefer x-pen crates or baby gates, the other consider a dog bed for a crate. In other words, it’s only up to you which one to choose. By teaching a dog going to his crate, you’ll be able to leave him unsupervised while you’re outside or in other room. A dog crate should be set in a quiet place in the house where your lovely batpig will not be interrupted. The first introducing a dog with a crate is highly important. You should encourage him to enter his safe zone by giving him some snacks and telling praise words.

french bulldog puppy training- sitting

Puppy Socialization

Socialization presents the most important part in a French bulldog puppy training. Luckily, they’re known as fast learners and highly sociable creatures. They act great around other dogs and people in general. Going to public places should present an important role in your Frenchie’s socialization training. It’s recommended to use a short leash in the beginning so you can see how he’ll act around other dogs. If he acts friendly with them, it’s always advisable to praise him in order to connect and memorize such a behavior.

If you need a very complete and comprehensive book about Frenchies, we highly recommend you to download The French Bulldog Handbook on Amazon. It’ll be useful for every new French bulldog owner.

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