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French Bulldog Shedding-keep it under control

If you’re a dog owner then you pretty much know how the struggle with a dog’s hair seems. When we talk about French Bulldog shedding, the good news is that they don’t shed much. However, that doesn’t mean your house will be a hair-free and scent-free place. Besides having a dog is a great feeling, it also brings a few annoying facts. You’ll always find your car seats, furniture, and clothes covered with dog’s hair. In order to keep your French Bulldog shedding under control, we want to provide you with the best tips.

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French Bulldog shedding-do they shed?

Well, French Bulldogs shed but not as much as other dogs. They have a shiny, short and silky coat that shed one or two times per year. For French Bulldogs, it’s normal to shed during summer months when they need a lighter coat. It’s needless to say that French Bulldog shedding much depends on their own genetics. Since some Frenchies have a moderately thin coat throughout the year, you may expect your dog’s hair everywhere. Luckily, Frenchies don’t have an undercoat so they don’t have to shed a lot. On the other hand, this is exactly the reason for their suffering from hyperthermia in winter. The weather also plays a big role in your French Bulldog shedding. Dogs, as well as other animals, get a thick coat during winter months and shed the excess hair in summer.

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So, what to do in keeping your French Bulldog shedding under control?

The following tips have helped many dog owners in keeping their Frenchie’s shedding under control:

    • We recommend you to bathe your dog regularly because it will help him loose dead hair. It’s pretty similar to human’s combing! Using a shampoo for sensitive skin is highly advisable since Frenchies are prone to skin allergies. Try to find a paraben-free shampoo with natural oils such as castor and coconut oils. Take a look at this best selling shampoo (click here).
    • Giving your dog different fish oil supplements (click here for recommendation from amazon) will improve its hair quality. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have a nourishing effect not only to a dog’s fur but also to its body.
    • We all know that French Bulldogs likes to cuddle a lot, so you may provide him an oil massage of fur at least once a week. Castor and Coconut oils are considered for the best.
    • Using a water-free pet grooming foam can also be a great solution for your French Bulldog shedding. The following product is hypo-allergenic, fragrance and soap-free and without harsh chemicals. You can find it here.
    • Using different supplements may also help in keeping your Frenchie’s skin and coat healthy. Shed + Itchy Healthy Coat tablets provide a normal level of your dog’s shedding.

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What affects French Bulldog shedding?

Well, French Bulldog’s shedding depends on various factors such as weather, diet, age, and genetics. As we previously mentioned, dogs lose excessive hair, especially in summer months.

Food also affects their hair quality. In order to keep your Frenchie’s hair smooth and shiny, we recommend you to avoid food with corn proteins. In most cases, corn is the main culprit for dog allergies. Since the corn price is cheap, many dog food produces use this ingredient for dog food production. That’s why is extremely important to read the product label before buying it.

French Bulldogs often suffer from skin issues, so it’s extremely important to provide him with a well-balanced diet. It includes a different kind of vegetables, fish, and chicken. Beta Carotene and Omega 3 oils provide a healing effect not only on human but also on dog skin. Avoid giving your French Bulldog eggs, oily meat, and chicken skin because there’s a possibility of becoming itchy.

Age is another factor that affects French Bulldog shedding. Puppies tend to shed more than an adult Frenchie.

Genetics– at the end, it’s all about genetics! If you don’t own a purebred French Bulldogs, then you may expect it will shed more.

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French bulldog shedding- Grooming requirements

Despite the fact they don’t shed much, French Bulldogs need regular grooming like all other dog breeds. Their basic care includes nail trimming, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and wrinkles cleaning. Frenchie’s wrinkles require regular daily cleaning with wet wipes or towel. Frenchie’s folds often get dirty with food so they are prone to develop different bacterial infections. Their paws definitely need some extra care in winter months. We recommend you to clean your dog’s paws every time you get back from a walk since the street salt will make damage to their sensitive skin.

French Bulldog excessive shedding

No matter how hard you’re trying to keep your house a hair-free place, you’re going to find it everywhere. It will leave not only its hair on your couch, car seats, carpets but also his scent.

If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie started to shed excessively here is the list of possible causes:

      • Food allergy
      • Immune diseases
      • Sunburns
      • Medications
      • Bacterial and fungal infection
      • Fleas and lice
      • Liver, Thyroid and Kidney issues
      • Licking and scratching due to allergies
      • Pest bites
      • Using a new shampoo or soap
      • Stress (this happens especially in the time of the New Year and Christmas when people use fireworks and firecrackers)
      • Hormonal disbalanse (this happens in the time of pregnancy and lactation, due to decreased or increased production of testosterone, estrogen or progesterone).

It’s always advisable to first check with your vet what may be the possible causes for your French Bulldog excessive shedding. As we previously mentioned, these tips can be of great help in keeping it under control. With the right grooming, health care and products, we are sure that your Frenchie will always have a smooth and shiny coat.

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