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French Bulldog Shoes – The Best Picks For 2019

Dog owners often experience a dilemma about whether their dogs need boots and socks. We know there’re people who still think it is money wasting, however, have they thought about possible outside harmful chemicals and weather conditions? There are many reasons why a dog should wear boots. When we talk about French bulldog shoes, there’s a large range of footwear in the market. However, when does your Frenchie really need the appropriate footwear?

french bulldog shoes

The benefits of wearing French bulldog shoes

Weather protection

French bulldogs are known for their sensitiveness to cold and hot weather. Therefore, it’s advisable to provide them with the appropriate footwear. Frenchies’ paws work a lot for their bodies. They provide insulation and protect their joints and bones from shock. Their paws are the only parts of their bodies where they can sweat and regulate body temperature. The following Water resistant dog boots are great for walking on sharp thorns, snow, and hot pavements in the summer. Think about how hot the sand at the beach is on your bare feet. It’s definitely not such a pleasant feeling.

This rugged and anti-slip sole dog boots are waterproof and provides stability and traction to your dog.

Medical Issues

Frenchies and allergies are old ‘acquaintances’. In case your lovely batpig suffers from allergies or he has just had some medical intervention, the appropriate French bulldog shoes or socks may prevent him from hurting wounds. Health conditions like pododermatitis, different fungal infections and allergies can be resolved much easier with wearing socks. In case you’re the owner of an older Frenchie, these socks will increase traction and prevent him from accidental slipping. On the other hand, dog socks are also great for protecting your hardwood floors and car environment from scratching.

Exploring the great outdoors

French bulldog shoes are an indispensable part in discovering the great outdoors. If you’re the adventurous type of person who likes to be accompanied by the dog while hiking, then you should become familiar with the beneficial effects of wearing dog shoes. We all know that Frenchies are not capable to hike and run for a long period of time, however, allowing them to walk on sharp or slippery surfaces may cause them problems. By buying high-quality French bulldog shoes, you’ll provide your Frenchie with better traction on rocky trails and help him manoeuvre on sharp inclines.

Pay attention to road salt and other outdoor chemicals

French bulldog owners should pay special attention when walking their dogs in winter. Road salt and other ice melting chemicals represent one of the greatest dangers to sensitive dog paws. Since they can make burns to your Frenchie’s paw pads, it’s highly advisable to buy him the appropriate French bulldog shoes. The following boots are water resistant material and made of high-quality fabric. They ‘re soft and hand washable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How to stop your Frenchie from chewing his boots and socks?

You’ve probably watched hundreds of times the viral videos of dogs’ hilarious walking in shoes. Well, it’s normal for a dog feeling weird when he’s first time wearing boots. Of course, it doesn’t mean you need to push him doing something he doesn’t like. On the other hand, if your dog suffers from certain paw infections, you need to stop him from chewing shoes and making further injuries. In that case, one of the solutions may be using Emmy’s Best PRO Anti Chew Spray for Dogs & Puppies – Alcohol Free – Most Powerful Bitter Deterrent.

You can spray both your dog’s inflamed spot or shoe to prevent him from licking and chewing. The spay has a bitter taste and is completely safe for use.

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