french bulldog skin problems old dog

French bulldog skin problems revealing

Different skin issues don’t have to become influenced by a dog’s breed and age. However, there’re some dog breeds that are more prone to develop certain allergies and other skin inflammations. When we talk about French bulldog skin problems,  they are naturally predisposed due to their numerous folds and sensitive digestive system.

french bulldog skin problems old dog

What are the most common French bulldog skin problems?

Atopic Dermatitis

It occurs with redness, crusts, itching, sores, hot spots, seborrhea and inflammation that can even lead to bloody wounds and later to an infection. A dog with a long family history of allergies is more prone to suffer from this skin issue. The treatment will depend on what is causing your pet’s allergic reaction. In most cases, a vet prescribes corticosteroid cream or foam and antihistamine medicine.


There’re different types of allergies that occur in French bulldogs. However, the most frequent cause is food. Frenchies may act sensitively on food items such as milk, corn, cheese, and other dairy products. In some cases, they also show intolerance to chicken eggs, lamb, fish, chicken, wheat, and soy. That’s why is highly important to discover your dog’s food intolerance on time and change his diet.  French bulldog breed often requires a special food menu or a homemade food that will fit their sensitive digestive system as well. Another type of allergy that affects Frenchies is the environmental type.

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The first sign that your pooch is having parasites like fleas and mites is itching. Itching and scratching are certainly one of the worst feelings someone can experience. Fleas and mites can go deep through the dog’s fur, so the allergic reaction due to their bites can go seriously. When a dog is bitten, the flea releases a substance that causes the blood to clot.  In that way, the defense mechanism of the body reacts by causing an allergic reaction and a dog’s itching.

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French bulldog folds are one of the biggest culprits for suffering from fungi skin irritations. Therefore, every bully breed owner needs to regularly clean his dog’s folds by using a Tear Stain Remover, and baby wet wipes. Folds around French bulldog’s nose require special cleaning demands since they often get dirty from saliva and food.

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The best tip for keeping your French bulldog skin problems under control is to provide him with the best nutrition. It plays an important role in preserving their overall health. Another step is to always clean your dog’s coat and folds from environmental allergens such as dust and dirt, as well as to soothe his dry paws and nose with the appropriate Natural Paw Wax.  Smoothing this balm onto your pet’s toes regularly will also help prevent irritation, moisturize, and maintain their paw health.