french bulldog's teeth

How To Keep Your French Bulldog Teeth Clean And Healthy?

If you’re a responsible dog owner who cares about your dog’s health, then you surely want to know the tips about keeping the French bulldog’s Teeth healthy and clean. Your pet’s teeth play an important role in chewing, eating, training, and discovering the environment. Luckily, our four-legged friends are less prone to cavities than humans. However, they still need proper dental hygiene in order to live a quality life.

french bulldog's teeth

How to keep your French bulldog’s teeth healthy?

Just as we perform our daily hygiene routine, so do our dogs need to maintain the health of their teeth. Therefore, let’s find out how you can prevent your French bulldog’s teeth from collecting plaque and tartar.

Use Chew toys for French bulldogs

Tartar and plaque are one of the common problems that occur in dogs who don’t get regular teeth brushing. Dental plaque doesn’t just look bad at first glance but it can also cause pain in the gums and periodontitis if left untreated. You can prevent your dog from collecting tartar and plaque by allowing him to play with chew toys. Chew toys for French bulldogs are made of genuine silicone rubber that gently cleans the teeth.

Regular tooth brushing

Aside from toys, your pet should get tooth brushing at least twice a week. The following French bulldog toothbrush is easy to use and it can also be used on puppies who go through a teething phase. You just need to pour a piece of a dog’s toothpaste onto this silicone brush and gently massage the dog’s gums and clean his teeth.

Using human toothpaste is forbidden because fluoride that is widely used in human dental cosmetics is toxic to dogs.

french bulldog toothbrush

Dental exams are important

Regardless of your dog’s age, dental exams play an important role in preventing different dental diseases. If your Frenchie is still a puppy that goes through a painful tooth growth stage, your vet can help you in easing the pain in gums by using different teething gels. They provide immediate relief when the teeth are erupting and the gums become extremely sore and painful. As your Frenchie ages, he can start dealing with periodontitis, and teeth loss. Therefore, it’s essential to closely monitor any change and help your pet on time.

Offering Dog Dental Treats

Another way to keep your French bulldog’s teeth clean and healthy is to offer him dog dental treats. It’s probably one of the most convenient ways to remove plaque because some dogs feel uncomfortable with tooth brushing. Some dog dental snacks can remove up to 70 % of collected tartar and plaque from the teeth.

Signs that your French bulldog needs a vet visit

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your French bulldogs, contact your vet to have his teeth checked:

  • red, swollen, and bleeding gums
  • pawing the mouth constantly
  • discolored teeth
  • collected tartar and plaque
  • lumps and cysts on the gums
  • bad breath
  • loss of appetite
  • excessive drooling

By regularly taking your little gremlin to vet checks, you are more likely to resolve any issue. Oral health plays an important role in your pet’s life.

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