French Bulldog vs American Bulldog

French Bulldog vs American Bulldog: Which Breed is Right For You?

French bulldog vs American bulldog? Are you in doubt about which dog to choose for your family? French bulldogs originate from England and France in Europe. On the other hand, American bulldogs come from the United States. Frenchies are usually considered companion dogs, while American bulldog is categorized as guard dog.

There is no doubt that both French and American bulldogs are real cuties. But which one to get? Before making a decision about which one of these two breeds fits your needs better, take a moment to learn about their differences.

French Bulldog vs American Bulldog

What is the difference between a French Bulldog and an American Bulldog?

Even though they are very similar, there are also a lot of differences between these two breeds. In this article we will go over temperament and appearance differences, health and life expectancy, grooming and feeding needs of these two breeds and the cost of a French Bulldog and an American Bulldog.


The most common personality trait for both of these breeds is their playful character. They are also both loving and affectionate. But let’s see what are the differences between a French bulldog and an American bulldog.

On the one hand, we have French bulldogs on a medium emotional level. On the other hand, American bulldogs are very high on an emotional level, as very sensitive dogs. 

French bulldogs are also patient, keen and easygoing, while American bulldog is always on alert, brave, social and energetic. 

The appearance of French bulldog vs American bulldog 

The French bulldog is characterized by its proportional physique, wrinkled skin around the face and shoulders as well as bat-like ears. Frenchie’s coat is short, easy to maintain and usually black, fawn, cream and white. There are also rare coat colors like Lilac and Isabella French bulldogs. 

The American bulldog is easily recognized by its muscular physique, square skull and shorter muzzle. The shoulders and chest are the most muscular parts of the American bulldog’s body. Their coats are glossy, short and can be all different kinds of colors like red, brown, fawn, black, brindle, etc.

An American bulldog is bigger than a French bulldog. French bulldogs weigh 18 to 30 pounds, while American bulldog weights 70 to 120 pounds. The difference in height is also pretty obvious. French bulldogs can reach a maximum of 13 to 16 inches in height while American bulldogs can grow up to 22 to 28 inches in height.

Health Issues and life expectancy of French and American bulldogs

While French bulldogs can be very healthy and strong dogs, American bulldog is more prone to illness. 

French bulldogs tend to suffer from ear infections because their ears are floppy. Moist in their ears can lead to yeast and bacteria. If you notice often head shaking and scratching it may be a sign that your Frenchie is having trouble with an ear infection. With regular care and cleaning their ears will be fine. 

Other possible health complications for French bulldogs can be allergies, Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia, Vertebrae deformities and Hyperuricosuria.

As we mentioned before, American bulldogs have more health issues that require regular visits to the vet. They often suffer from eye issues like Corneal dystrophy which is a genetic disorder that tends to progress. When the Cornea, the transparent part of the eye, is compromised by the accumulation of materials, your dog’s vision can be in danger. This problem is very serious and should not be taken lightly. 

Other health issues common in American bulldogs are Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia, bone cancer, and breathing difficulties, allergies and skin issues. 

The usual life expectancy for French bulldogs is 10-12 years and 10-15 for American french bulldogs. Even though life span predictions are not so long for this breed, there are many cases of Frenchies living longer. It all comes down to the way you care about your dog. Better care means longer life for you Frenchie. 

Feeding and grooming for French vs American bulldog

The recommended amount of food for a French bulldog is 2-1/2 to 3 cups of dry food per day. It would be good to aim for high-quality food for your Frenchie to prevent any health issues. If they take more food, there won’t be any harm but it can cause some health issues in a long run. This is why it’s good to follow the recommendation and feed your Frech bulldog twice a day. Also, they are slow shedders but you should still pay attention to how much they eat. 

3 cups of dry dog food are recommended for American bulldogs. They are medium shedders and it’s important to stick with a food amount. Americal bulldogs have a big appetite so you should adjust the number of meals according to their activity. Two to three meals per day should keep them full and happy. 

Grooming requirements for both French and American bulldog dogs are simple. Both can be brushed once or twice a week with occasional baths every few weeks. 

It’s important to keep their ears clean so they don’t develop infections. Their nails, eyes, and teeth also require minimal care. 

French bulldog vs American bulldog – Training

You will be happy to hear that French bulldogs, as well as American bulldogs, are easy to train and very intelligent. 

French bulldog vs American bulldog

French bulldogs tend to take control so it’s very important that their owner presents as an authority. They are intelligent but they need to know who is in charge so you need to show dominance when training your Frenchie. Jumpers training as well as agility training are one of their favorite tasks. Socialization from an early age is very important for this breed.

When it comes to American bulldogs, training should always be entertaining and engaging for their mind. They can be stubborn sometimes, but they react well to positive reinforcement. Just like a French bulldog, an American bulldog also needs to be socialized as soon as possible. A firm approach will give you great results, but don’t forget to be gentle as well. 

French bulldog vs American bulldog- FAQ

What is the cost of a French bulldog vs American bulldog? 

French bulldogs can cost $2,000 to $10,000. There are rare versions of a French bulldog that can cost even up to $30000.

The American bulldog is much cheaper than the French bulldog. American bulldog puppies cost from $1,500 to $3,000.

French Bulldog vs American Bulldog

American bulldog vs French Bulldog – Which one is better with children?

Considering that American bulldogs can be a little too harsh when they are happy, they are not the best choice for families with small children. When they play, American bulldogs can easily knock small kids down. The French bulldog is a much better choice if you’re introducing it to toddlers. 

For families with older children, an American bulldog will be a perfect loving and affectionate dog. 

French Bulldog vs American Bulldog

Are Either European or American Bulldogs Aggressive?

As with all dogs, early socialization and training will prevent aggression. However, American bulldog is more prone to aggressive behaviors around other animals. They love people but don’t get along with other animals very well. If they grow up together American bulldogs can love their animal friends. 

French bulldogs can be possessive but rarely aggressive. For both breeds, don’t forget that this is general information and their behavior also depends on their personality. 

What 2 breeds make an American Bulldog?

American bulldogs come from the Mastiff family. Their ancestors can be tracked very far to American Johnson Bulldog and the Scott Bulldog.

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