french bulldog water bowl

How Much Water Do French Bulldogs Need?

Without water, the world wouldn’t exist. It’s the main component of every living being. Just like humans, dogs can also become dehydrated so that’s why we have to pay attention to our Frenchies’ hydration demands throughout the year. A dog who doesn’t drink enough water during a day will have a dull-looking coat, poor muscle tone, and will be susceptible to overheating. Water ‘washes’ our bodies and gives our cells energy. Since it’s extremely important to buy the right dog bowl to prevent choking and ‘air inhaling’, we decided to provide you with tips on how to choose the right French bulldog water bowl for your batpig.

french bulldog water bowl

How much water does my French bulldog need during the day?

During the summer months, your French bulldog has to drink more water in order to stay safe from overheating. Since these little gremlins can’t regulate their body temperature due to their brachycephalic skulls and soft palates,  we have to make sure they drink enough water in hot weather.

Speaking generally, every dog should drink 1 ounce of water (1/8 of a cup) per pound of body weight each day. However, if your pet wants to drink more, you definitely shouldn’t restrict him/her. For example, more active dogs will need to drink more water, so you shouldn’t strictly stick to this fact.

The water makes up to 70 % of your Frenchie’s body, and it plays a big role in lubricating joints, improving cognitive function, and keeping a body temperature within optimal limits.

Why does my Frenchie refuse water?

Eating a ‘wet’ diet

If you’ve just switched your pooch to a homemade diet or canned food, drinking less water is a completely normal occurrence. Canned food contains a high amount of water as well as homemade meals. Besides, dogs who eat the BARF diet will also be prone to drink smaller amounts of water.

Senior French bulldogs

If you own a senior Frenchie who deals with mobility issues, then you have to pay attention to his/her hydration. Dogs who suffer from arthritis and painful joints will be less mobile. As the result, they won’t be able to often stand up to drink water from their bowl. Therefore, it’s important to place the French bulldog water bowl close to your dog’s bed where he/she spends most of the day.


A dog who refuses to drink water is probably dealing with an underlying issue. If such behavior lasts longer than 2 days, then it’s essential to schedule a vet visit.

Is my Frenchie dehydrated?

Before we start enumerating the symptoms of dehydration, it’s important to note that pregnant French bulldogs require drinking larger amounts of water. Puppies in her uterus need water to properly develop and get essential oxygen.

If you’re suspecting that your French bulldog is dehydrated, then you should search for the following symptoms:

  • Loss of energy
  • Sunken and dry eyeballs
  • Dry and hot nose, and dry mouth
  • Sticky, pale, and dry gums

Special attention should be paid to a dog’s skin. Dehydrated skin will slowly return when going back to a place after being pinched. To check your Frenchie’s skin, you should gently pinch the skin between the shoulder blades.

What is the best French bulldog water bowl?

When choosing the right French bulldog water bowl, you should observe your dog’s needs. In other words, if you own a senior Frenchie, then it’s better to choose an elevated water bowl. In that way, you’ll relocate the pressure from the dog’s joints and neck.

Ceramic Designer Dog Bowl will be a good pick for older dogs who need joint support. It’s made of high-quality ceramic and comes with a metal stand.

french bulldog water bowl

Frenchie World Anti-wet Mouth Floating Drinking Bowl is carefully designed to prevent fast drinking and choking. The floating plate will raise when you add water, and your dog will slowly drink it through the hole.

french bulldog water bowl

Frenchie World Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser is another practical French bulldog water bowl because it features both water and food bowl. You can add the food in the first dish, while the second one serves for water. It’s actually a dispenser that controls the amount of water. In that way, you can be sure that your pooch will always have clean and fresh water to drink.

french bulldog water bowl

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