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How To Treat French Bulldog Yeast Infection? Revealed

Have you ever noticed that your Frenchie smells like popcorn and cheese? Well, one of the reasons for such occurrence can be a French bulldog yeast infection. Even though yeast is a natural resident of everyone’s body, overgrow of this fungus can cause severe itchiness and unpleasant odor coming from certain body parts on your dog’s body.

How to recognize French bulldog yeast infection?

Besides the smelly odor that reminds of popcorn and cheese, it’s important to mention that this fungus often grows between folds. It searches for dark, humid, and moist places, so that’s why it’s important to clean these areas on your Frenchie. Unfortunately, French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to develop this condition due to numerous folds on their bodies.

An underactive immune system is also susceptible to develop a yeast infection because it can’t do the job of regulating and balancing normal flora levels. If your dog has been taking antibiotics lately, they are well-known to destroy all good bacteria, wiping out healthy yeast levels as well.

french bulldog yeast infection

Therefore, your dog should take vitamins and probiotic supplements to escape yeast growth and other conditions that can be caused by a dog’s weak immunity. Allergies in your Frenchie could be another result of prolonged drug usage as well.

Besides the smelly odor coming from your Frenchie’s folds, these are the most common symptoms of a yeast infection on your dog’s body:

  • Scratching and licking certain body parts such as paws and ears
  • The unusual doggy odor
  • Yellowish and white layers between folds
  • Hot spots
  • Anxiety
  • Elephant-like patches on the skin
  • Hairloss
  • Discolored skin

How to treat French bulldog yeast infection?

Consulting your vet is highly important because he is the only one who can prescribe you the right therapy for your Frenchie. After taking a swab from the dog’s skin, the vet will determine whether your pooch requires mild or severe treatment.

Anti-fungal dog shampoos

For treating French bulldog yeast infection, vets usually prescribe anti-fungal dog shampoos and vitamin supplements. In some cases, your Frenchie might need an antibiotic treatment as well in case he developed wounds and cuts due to scratching. Benzoyl-peroxide shampoos will be of great help in removing waxy build-up from the dog’s skin. Even though yeast can’t be transmitted to your skin, we suggest you using rubber gloves to escape any discomfort during bathing your pet.

french bulldog yeast infection

Coconut oil

This magical ingredient can soothe itchiness and even heal different skin infections. It can also help in removing crusts and soothing skin, so we recommend you apply it after bathing on affected spots.

Apple cider vinegar solution

You’ve probably heard of the healing effects the apple cider vinegar solution can provide in treating the yeast infection on your Frenchie. You can make this solution by mixing 40% of apple cider vinegar with 60% of water. This solution shouldn’t be applied to injured skin with wounds and cuts. Otherwise, your dog can experience severe pains and scratch the skin to blood. Therefore, you should better check with your vet if this solution is safe to use on your dog’s skin.

Aloe Vera Solution

Aloe Vera is completely harmless and it can help in healing wounds, cuts, and dark spots on a dog’s body. Therefore, we recommend you buy a natural Aloe Vera spray to sprinkle the dog’s whole body. You can also include this product in your dog’s daily skincare.

french bulldog yeast infection

How to prevent French bulldog yeast infection?

Taking care of your dog’s hygiene is one of the most important rules to live with a healthy dog. Besides regular cleaning your French bulldog’s ears and folds, his tail pocket can also be the spot susceptible to this infection.

Investing in your Frenchie’s diet is also essential because it’s one of the best ways to build a healthy immune system. In case your dog suffers from food allergies, switching to the BARF diet could help a lot. It’s the best way to control the calories and ingredients your dog eats.

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