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What Are The Causes Of A French Bulldog’s Runny Nose?

Compared to humans’ 5 million, dogs have 220 million smell receptors. Your French bulldog’s nose is one of his/her main ‘tools’ for discovering the world. Dogs’ noses are also exposed to different harmful effects and environmental elements that can cause the certain condition. French bulldog runny nose is one of the common occurrences that can be triggered by several factors.

What are the most common causes of a French bulldog’s runny nose?

The most common cause of discharge in dogs is allergies, but other causes are possible. If it’s clear and watery, you don’t have to worry too much unless there are additional symptoms present. But if the nasal discharge becomes discolored or smelly then veterinary care should be sought out immediately for further examination by a veterinarian.

Common Causes of a French bulldog’s runny nose are:

-Allergies in Frenchies

If your dog is sneezing or has a clear nasal discharge from his nose, then he’s most likely experiencing allergies. Allergies are the number one reason for abnormal nasal secretions in dogs and can be caused by pollens, foods, drugs/medications, mites/spores, chemicals, or even human dander (our shed skin). When a dog experiences symptoms of an allergy, it doesn’t stop at just having runny eyes. Sometimes, there will also be tension headaches that cause nausea among other things. Coughing, itchiness, and breathing problems can also follow environmental allergies in French bulldogs. Treatment for French bulldog allergies may include allergy testing, antihistamines, immunosuppressants, steroids, and other biological drugs.

french bulldog's runny nose

-Bacteria/Virus infection

A foul-smelling, mucus-filled nose might indicate your Frenchie has an infection. Symptoms of infections may include a bloody nose and coughing or choking resulting from a postnasal drip. Treatment depends on the cause – for bacterial infections antibiotics are prescribed while fungal treatment includes special treatments using antifungal drugs.

-Stuck plant piece or some other element

Since our dogs love to put their noses into everyone’s business, it’s nothing odd to find sand, plant pieces, or some other elements inside of their nostrils. As the result, a dog with a stuck element in its nose will become nervous, it will try to remove it with paws and experience sneezing and discharge. In extreme cases, there could be even traces of blood. To remedy this issue in your French bulldog’s nose, it’s highly important to schedule an urgent vet visit.

french bulldog's runny nose

-Polyps and tumors

If your dog is breathing heavily with blood, snot, or mucus coming out of his nose, it could be a sign that he might have overgrown nasal glands (polyps) or tumors. His appetite may decrease as well if this happens which can cause him to lose weight quickly and become severely underweight.

Treatment for nasal polyps varies depending on the type of tumor. Benign tumors may be removed surgically while cancerous ones are usually managed with radiation therapy, which isn’t effective in removing them completely. The prognosis is generally poor because most cases don’t respond to treatment well and they often recur after surgery or radiation. However, this information doesn’t apply if your Frenchie has a benign tumor that can simply be excised from his nose during an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

How to take care of your French bulldog’s nose?

Just like we use different creams and products to soothe our skin, our dogs also require to get the essential care. The dog’s nose and paw pads are two body parts that should be regularly checked and soothed. To prevent a dry nose in your Frenchie, we recommend you use French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer. It is suitable for sensitive skin and features only natural ingredients such as olive oil and Avocado oil.

frenchie balm

Another great product that can be used both on a French bulldog’s paws and nose is the Organic French Bulldog Nose & Paw Balm. It’s safe for daily use, heals cracked dog’s noses, paws and hyperkeratosis.

french bulldog's runny nose


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