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Why Do French Bulldogs Scream? Revealed!

French bulldogs are famous for the friendly and affectionate personality that makes them easily fit into any type of environment. However, as with any dog breed, Frenchies also have character traits that may concern their owners in certain situations. Why do French Bulldogs scream is one of those questions that I often hear from their human parents. Frequent howling, whining, screaming, and barking may point out something more serious, so that’s why it’s important to observe the dog’s body language daily.

french bulldogs scream

Why do French bulldogs scream? What could be the reasons?

As a French bulldog owner, you need to know that these pooches belong to companion breeds. It means that they are taught to spend time besides their owners. They are very dependable, so people who spend plenty of hours outside the home, shouldn’t consider owning a Frenchie for a pet.

Clingy behavior in French bulldogs

Another character trait that is common for all Frenchies is Velcro behavior. If an owner doesn’t teach his Frenchie to become undependable and spend time in the crate, there are high chances that the dog will start to suffer from separation anxiety. So, one of the reasons for a French bulldog’s screaming can be the lack of independence. Frenchies like to stay in the center of attention, and even though it looks cute at first, being your dog’s ‘babysitter’  24/7 can really be exhausting.

Desire to interact

French bulldog scream because they belong to very talkative dogs. In other words, they adore interaction with all family members, especially with kids. They see kids as perfect playmates, so when you see your Frenchie screaming and howling in front of your kiddos, it’s a clear call to play. Your Frenchie might feel bored, so you need to provide them with mental stimulation. Whether it’s an interactive toy, chew toy, or some other item, your Frenchie can scream and cry due to this reason too.

Breathing problems in French bulldogs

Another reason for a French bulldog’s scream can be the issue with breathing. Unfortunately, Frenchies are prone to breathing problems because their muzzles are flat, but they have the same amount of tissue in their mouths just like other dogs with standard skulls. If you suspect breathing problems in your dog, our advice is to schedule a vet visit. A vet will relieve you whether your dog has the elongated palate that is often the main reason for heavy breathing. Aside from these facts, most French bulldogs live happily and healthy. The key to living with a healthy dog is to buy it from a reputable breeder who doesn’t deal with overproducing. French bulldogs shouldn’t be bought at low prices because it’s often a sign that they’ll suffer from different health issues. You may have paid a little in the beginning, but you will pay a lot in the future.

How to prevent a French bulldog from screaming?

If you’ve determined that your dog doesn’t have underlying health problems, then you should find solutions to keep him entertained. Buying French bulldog toys can help a lot, especially if you need to leave your dog alone for a few hours a day.

Interactive toys serve to improve the dog’s intelligence by keeping him entertained and occupied for a long time. They usually feature places to put treats that are known as one of the best motivational tools.

french bulldog toy

Another solution includes teaching the Frenchie to spend time alone in his crate. A crate can be the French bulldog’s bed that will provide him with a feeling of safety.

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