french bulldogs sit weird

Why Do French Bulldogs Sit Weird? Revealed!

How many times have you seen French bulldogs sit weird? For as long as viral and funny pictures have been around, dog owners have been witnessed to their dogs’ strange sitting positions. While some Frenchies sit in a frog-like position, the other can sit with their legs out in front just like we do. Regardless of how much funny it looks like, you’re probably wondering what is the root of such behavior.

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Why do French bulldogs sit weird and funny?

Some dog breeds have used to sit in strange positions especially those with stout bodies and long hind legs. Even though sitting weird might seem uncomfortable to us, it’s actually the way how dogs remove the pressure from their lumbar region.

When we talk about Frenchies, these little gremlins have a heavy chest part, so they will sit weird to move the pressure over the rest of the body. In most cases, you shouldn’t be worried about seeing French bulldogs sit weird. However, such occurrence has been slightly found in dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia.

Therefore, we recommend you to check for other signs to determine whether your dog suffers from an underlying condition. Read on and discover what are the most common Frenchie’s weird-sitting position.

Puppy sit

Hence the name, the ‘puppy sit’ is a phenomenon that often occurs in young puppies. It looks like a dog sat onto one hip and his other leg is kicked out. To prevent him from such a ‘sloppy posture’ we recommend you keep the training lessons interesting. You can use your dog’s favorite snacks, or toy and practice a healthy posture.

This doesn’t mean that you should constantly correct your dog by sitting in the ‘puppy sit’ position. It is just a normal part of his growing process, so in most cases, French bulldogs sit weird occasionally.

In case when French bulldogs sit in the puppy sit position even when they are fully grown, there could be lots of potential problems. Note that dogs should sit funny and weird occasionally. However, they shouldn’t accept it for their daily routine. These could be only some of the potential causes of Frenchie’s strange sitting behavior.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in French bulldogs can be acquired or inherited. It usually occurs when the bones rapidly grow, due to obesity, or over-exerting. Since there is no cure for this issue, you can help your dog by using chondroitin and glucosamine supplements to help your dog.

french bulldogs sit weird

Knee issues

Knee issues can occur due to insufficient vitamin intake during growth, loss of cartilage, or obesity. To prevent your dog from this condition, you should keep your Frenchie’s weight in normal ranges. Besides, make sure that you feed your dog with a well-balanced diet.

Infected anal glands

Feeling pain and discomfort due to infected anal sack glands is probably one of the worst nightmares for your Frenchie. Since French bulldogs don’t have tails, you should pay attention to their tail pockets and regularly clean them with wet baby wipes.


The best way to prevent your Frenchie from being overweight, is to regularly take him to strolls. Regardless of the fact that this breed doesn’t require great physical exertions, walks will help your dog to prevent diabetes, painful joints, and hip dysplasia.

french bulldogs sit weird
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Is it bad for dogs to sit upright?

Many of us get thrilled to see a dog sitting upright. It looks like it’s a sort of their superpower, so we rush to take photos of them. Speaking generally, dogs choose sitting like humans to release the pain in their back. On the other hand, they can also copy their owner’s behavior to steal attention. So, there’s nothing wrong with such occurrence. If this position repeats daily, then you should take your dog to the vet to discover the cause.

What does it mean when a Frenchie lay down like a frog?

You don’t need to panic by seeing your dog lying down like a frog because in most cases, he will do that to cool off. Frenchies are prone to overheat, so this position serves to help in lowering body temperature. You can often see your Frenchie lying on tiles during the summer because such pavement will provide the immediate heat release.

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