How Cold Is Too Cold For A French Bulldog?

Our Frenchies have built-in coats, but they still get cold during winter months. Their brachycephalic skulls, short coats, and legs make them susceptible to suffer from hypothermia. If you are curious to find out how cold is too cold for a French bulldog, read on and find out the tips to make your pup warm.

We all know that outdoor walks can leave many benefits on our Frenchies and prevent them from being overweight. However, what should we do when it’s freezing cold outside? French bulldog owners should pay special attention to protecting all body parts of these little gremlins. So, let’s find out how cold is too cold for a French bulldog.

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How cold is too cold for a French bulldog? Revealed

Small dog breeds are not capable to sustain walking outside in cold weather. Their bellies are closer to the ground and easier pick up the cold. In the following image that was created by the doctor Kim Smyth, you can find the chart that determines how dogs react to weather conditions depending on their body builds. As you can see, Frenchies can enjoy walking in temperatures between 12-15 C degrees. Another thing to keep in mind when owning a French bulldog is the windy weather as well. Wind can give you a lower real feel of the actual temperature.

Snowing weather conditions can also be very unpleasant to a Frenchie because its body temperature will decrease much faster. Unlike bigger dog breeds that can sustain winter walks up to 30 minutes, small dog breeds such as French bulldogs should limit the walk to 15 minutes. When there is a temperature lower of 0 C degrees, they should be allowed to go outside only to eliminate.

How cold is too cold for a french bulldog

Observing your dog’s body language presents the best option in preventing him from feeling cold. If he is shivering, lifting legs, standing in a hunched position, whines or barks, those are the clear signs of hypothermia. More severe symptoms include slowed breathing, decreased heart rate, lethargy, and weakness.

Special awareness should be put on older dogs and puppies because their bodies are much more sensitive to cold. In case you own a Frenchie that suffers from arthritis, it should be noted that they might worsen by the cold. Therefore, warming up those dogs is highly essential.

How to prevent a French bulldog from hypothermia?

Besides protecting your dog’s paws by wearing dog shoes or boots, the Frenchie needs to wear waterproof and windproof clothes during harsh weather conditions.

The following dog boots are waterproof and contain fur lining to keep the paws warm. The pliable sole and cinch closure strap are put for a great fit and a ripstop upper to keep the elements out.  They are available in many colors and five sizes. By wearing dog boots, your pup will save his paws from getting burns and blisters caused by road salt.

How cold is too cold for a french bulldog

Another great dog boots made for harsh weather conditions are the following Winter Anti Slip waterproof dog boots. They have adjustable bands to make a good fit for your Frenchie’s paws.

How cold is too cold for a french bulldog

French bulldog jackets for protecting your dog’s body

When we talk about protecting a French bulldog’s body, it’s essential to dress him in a windproof jacket in case you take him/her for a stroll in cozy autumn weather. Frenchies need to wear jackets that will help them regulate their body temperatures. The following Sporty Waterproof dog coat serves to keep the dog’s hair dry when walking in the rain. It’s also windproof and comes with a hood to prevent the Frenchie’s wide-opened ears from inflammation.

Dog snowsuits are essential when walking with a Frenchie when there’s snow outside. In that way, we protect their bellies and make their whole bodies warm. I recommend you have a look at the following All Over Frenchie Snowsuit which is available in many colors and sizes. It has an insulated nylon shell that helps to keep body heat close. There is also a D-ring to hook the leash and hood to protect your furry friend’s ears.

How cold is too cold for a french bulldog

Frenchie Winter hooded jacket can be another piece of clothes to make your Frenchie warm. There are 3 colors to choose from, and the soft and warm lining makes this jacket suitable for wearing in cold weather.

How cold is too cold for a french bulldog

Luxury leopard jacket is the other pick that I chose for my Frenchie. It’s so comfy and my pooch simply adores wearing it. However, it’s not suitable for snowy weather conditions because the fabric is not waterproof. It’s best to wear it in cozy autumn and spring weather when there’s a light breeze outside.

How cold is too cold for a french bulldog

Luxury Faux Leather Dog Jacket is the type for those glamorous Frenchies who adore being the biggest star in the neighborhood. Besides it will attract everyone’s attention, it also has a toasty faux wool shearing lining.

Sleeveless jackets

English Plaid Reversible Warm French Bulldog Jacket is designed for dogs who don’t feel comfy to wear jackets with sleeves. It’s easy to put on and off and is reversible. Therefore, you can choose the color and design every time you take your furry friend outside.

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