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How Do I Stop My French Bulldog From Smelling?

We all agree that French bulldogs are one of the most iconic-looking dogs in the world. However, aside from many cute features, Frenchies are known for not so thrilling facts too. They can become smelly due to numerous folds on their bodies. To prevent your French bulldog from smelling bad, it’s essential to perform several steps.

How Do I Stop My French Bulldog From Smelling? Tips and Tricks

French bulldogs can smell bad not only because of the lack of hygiene but also because of the diet and level of certain hormones. By performing the basic steps of a hygiene routine, you can make your little gremlin smell better. Diet changes and hormonal checks are also advisable in case you can’t deal with your dog’s scent.

Tail pocket cleaning

Frenchies have naturally cropped tails that feature a hidden spot called a tail pocket. A tail pocket is prone to collecting dirt and feces that can cause severe infections if you don’t clean it regularly. For cleaning your Frenchie’s tail, I suggest you use baby wet wipes or a wet cloth. If your French bulldog’s tail pocket became inflamed, you can try using a diaper rash cream such as Sudocrem. In case of severe infections that are followed by pains and discharge, visiting a vet is over needed.

how do I stop my French bulldog from smelling

Regular bathing and grooming

A dog’s coat collects the dirt and allergens from the environment, but the biggest culprits for your Frenchie’s bad smell are definitely the dander and his hormones. Different studies have shown that neutered and spayed dogs will smell better due to the unvaried level of hormones.

Aside from this fact, Frenchies can smell better if they get regular coat brushing. In that way, we help them release the dander from their skin which is known as one of the worst nightmares for people with allergies.  Since Frenchies have short and thin coats, I suggest you use a soft silicone glove to remove the dead hair. During the shedding season, it’s allowed to use hard brushes with pins that have a protective coating on the top.

When we talk about choosing the right French bulldog shampoo, my choice is the SOS shampoo with Aloe Vera. It makes my dog’s hair so glossy, and smooth.

how do i stop my french bulldog from smelling

Ear cleaning

French bulldog’s ears attract everyone’s attention because they sit wide-opened on the head. Since dirty or infected ears can smell really bad, it’s important to check them for stuck dirt, foreign items, or plant pieces. If you notice that your Frenchie often scratches the ears, then it’s high time for cleaning. Bad odor and a yellow or brown discharge are the signs of infection and require an immediate vet visit.

To keep your Frenchie’s ears healthy, our recommendation is to use the following Ear Cleaning Powder. Pour a powder into the ears and allow your dog to shake the head after a few seconds of being still. This ear powder makes hair easier to grip, and relieves itchiness.

how do i stop my french bulldog from smelling

Folds cleaning

In case your French bulldog has excessive folds, you can perform cleaning by using baby wet wipes. For red inflamed folds, you can use cornstarch, because it successfully picks up the moisture.

frnech bulldog heat rash

Switching to a raw diet

The food our dogs eat affects their body odor. Therefore, if you feed your Frenchie with dry kibble food or canned food that is rich in by-products, artificial colors, and flavors, you can’t expect that he will smell gorgeous. Things go pretty much the same in humans. So, if we eat spicy and deep-fried food, our body will have a strong scent.

To make your Frenchie smell better, we suggest you switch him to a raw diet. Raw diet for French bulldogs includes feeding your pet with raw meat, fish, and fresh fruits and veggies. To choose the best nutrients for your little pooch, we recommend you consult your vet because he can prescribe you the exact amount of proteins your dog needs.

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