how much should I pay for a french bulldog

How Much Should I Pay For A French Bulldog? Things To Know

We all agree that choosing and buying a dog breed is not always an easy task. Before you make a final decision, there are many questions to relieve to live with a happy and healthy four-legged family member. How much should I pay for a French bulldog is one of the most common questions I hear from people. That’s why I decided to introduce you to all facts that can affect the French bulldog’s price.

how much should I pay for a french bulldog

What affects the French bulldog’s price?

As we all know, French bulldogs are famous for their distinctive appearance. Their unique faces, stout and short bodies are some of the reasons why they are higher in price than other dogs. Many reasons can affect the price of these cute gremlins such as genes, colors, and health history. Besides, breeders also have additional costs such as artificial insemination, C-section, prenatal, and postnatal care.

Some French bulldogs can’t mate traditionally. Their hips and short legs make them incapable to mount the female for reproductive purposes. Therefore, artificial insemination can sometimes be the only option. Another reason that increases the price is the C-section. French bulldog females can’t give birth naturally due to their narrow hips and puppies’ large heads. Frenchie ladies rarely go through natural labor because of the risk that the pups can get stuck in the birth canal.

how much should I pay for a french bulldog

How much should I pay for a French bulldog? Revealed

The average price of French bulldog puppies usually goes between 1,500$ – 15,000 $. Rare-colored Frenchies are often higher in price because they are carriers or recessive genes that rarely occurs in dogs. Therefore, blue, Isabela, Lilac, and chocolate French bulldogs will be higher in price than standard-colored pooches.

On the other hand, standard-colored Frenchies whose parents belong to famous bloodlines or are have been used for competitive/ show purposes will also be more expensive.

Unfortunately, people often think that they can get a healthy and quality French bulldog for 200 or 300$. As those puppies grow, they realize that they’ve been deceived by a so-called breeder. Puppies that have been bought for a small amount of money will be on a higher tendency to develop skeletal deformities, hip dysplasia, allergies, and poor immunity.

how much should I pay for a french bulldog

How much should I pay for a French bulldog? – What questions to ask a breeder?

  • Did the puppy get all the necessary vaccine shots?
  • How many puppies have been in a litter? The number of puppies will relieve you whether a breeder deals with overproducing of puppies. The healthiest for a mom and her babies is to deliver 1 – 3 puppies.
  • Ask for the parents’ health history and their bloodline.
  • Observe the puppy’s body language. Is it lively and cheerful or it looks weak.
  • Check the French bulldog puppy’s skin and coat. Do they look smooth, fresh, and moist?
  • Don’t forget to ask how much food to give your puppy, and what French bulldog food brand to choose. Some breeders may recommend the BARF diet because it’s the healthiest option.
  • How old is the puppy you want to buy? Puppies shouldn’t be allowed to leave the kennel until their 2nd month of life.

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