french bulldog face folds

How To Clean French Bulldog Face Folds?

The flat face of a French bulldog is known for its adorable folds. However, they can be prone to infection if not cleaned regularly! With the right supplies and techniques, your pup will have clean folds and be free from any conditions that could cause discomfort or pain.

french bulldog face folds

What solution to choose for cleaning my French bulldog face folds?

Dogs with pushed-in muzzles require regular fold cleaning to stay free from odor, infection, and debris. If you own a Frenchie, it’s important to keep in mind that folds represent perfect places for bacteria to grow. They are dark and moist, so we have to clean them at least twice a week.

When we talk about choosing the right rinse for cleaning your French bulldog face folds, you can ask your vet to recommend you one of those vet-approved products. Another solution is to prepare the following products/items in home conditions. We also have to note this tip can help only if the folds are free of infection.

  1. Cotton balls
  2. Clean wet cloth
  3. Cornstarch powder
  4. A solution made of half water, half hypoallergenic dog shampoo
  5. Treats for rewarding

To start with the process, make a rinse made of a drop of dog shampoo and water. Apply a little with this solution to a cotton ball, open the fold and gently remove the dirt. You can also use a cloth instead of cotton balls, and when you finish the process, make sure you put a little bit of cornstarch inside of folds to pick up the moisture. Using baby wet wipes is also allowed because they are free of alcohol and rich in different natural oils.

french bulldog face folds

How to clean French bulldog face folds affected by dermatitis?

Dermatitis in French bulldogs is a quite painful and uncomfortable condition that is followed by itchiness, redness, and hairless spots that can easily become infected. If your French bulldog suffers from dermatitis, it’s important to buy products that are available at pet supply stores and your vet’s office.

Special cleaners, medicated wipes, and gels are recommended to use in case your Frenchie is prone to dermatitis and allergic reactions.  Other products that contain corticosteroids are also available and they can help in releasing itchiness and inflammation. However, they should be used only on the advice of a vet. Prolonged usage of corticosteroids can lead to skin thinning which will become more prone to infections.

How to make a dog relaxed during the fold cleaning?

As we all know, all dogs love rewards. To make your Frenchie relaxed and comfortable with folds cleaning, it’s important to start with this routine early. Reward your Frenchie with treats after each hand movement toward your dog’s head. Let it look like you want to pet him/her. Do not forget to ‘shower’ your furry friend with praise words as well. It’s the only way to create a positive association with this routine.

french bulldog face folds

How often to clean French bulldog face folds?

French bulldog wrinkles should be cleaned at least twice a week. You can also clean them superficially every day with baby wet wipes because these little gremlins are known as messy eaters. Food leftovers often get stuck inside the folds which may lead to bad odor and infections.

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