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How To Deal With French Bulldog Separation Anxiety?

We all know that canines are social animals that thrill for the attention and company of their owners. When we talk about the French bulldog breed, it’s famous as one of the best companion breeds in the world. That’s why they take a high 4th position in homes all over the USA and the 1st place in the UK. In case you want a Frenchie for a pet, then you should be aware of the fact that they don’t like staying home alone. Dealing with French bulldog separation anxiety might sound challenging. However, with the right tips, you’ll be on a halfway to success.

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What is a French bulldog separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a condition that often occurs in this breed. It usually affects dogs that haven’t been taught to spend time alone and comes in three stages.

The mild phase includes a dog’s whining, barking, and howling when a pet spots the owner’s departure routine. A dog may also start to shiver, urinate or defecate due to the fear of being alone.

The medium stage is followed by a Frenchie’s anxiety and nervous walking from room to room. A dog may also show destructive behavior such as chewing home items, chewing and licking paws.

The last, severe level requires to be treated with drugs. Severe French bulldog separation anxiety includes all the previous symptoms and a dog’s tendency to act self-destructive. For example, pooches with severe anxiety tend to jump through the closed window and hurt themselves to find the owners.

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How to Treat Separation anxiety in Frenchies?

One of the ways to escape or treat mild French bulldog separation anxiety is to gradually teach a pet to spend time alone. You shouldn’t leave your dog home alone overnight, because they can start feeling depressed. Therefore, the best way is to start to leave your pup alone from an early age by teaching it to spend time playing with toys. Baby gates and x-pens may serve as great tools to limit the space where they can play. They may also serve as crates where you can teach your Frenchie where his/her safe zone should be.

french bulldog separation anxiety

Severe cases of French bulldog separation anxiety require a special supervising of a dog behavior specialist. Since in this stage of illness a dog is prone to hurt himself, my advice is to ask the pro for help. In most cases, you should put your little gremlin under the prescribed medication and perform specially-tailored lessons. The training may even last for a couple of months, so you’d better prepare yourself with plenty of persistence.

What helps dogs with separation anxiety?

French bulldog toys play a huge role in distracting a pup from the owner’s absence. They also provide mental stimulation and improve the dog’s intelligence. By keeping your Frenchie busy and entertained, you’ll be able to direct his anxiety to something more productive.

The following list of toys can help your Frenchie to ease the symptoms of this health issue. While some pooches show behavioral improvement by wearing a Separation anxiety jacket, others prefer playing with interactive dog toys. In the following video, you can see how does the dog anxiety jacket work.

Self Rolling Interactive Ball

In case your Frenchie adores playing fetch, then he’ll surely like to play with this self-rolling ball. It contains a 360-degree system which means that it will never stop rolling. It’s one of the best indoor exercises for a pet. When a ball collides with a wall, armchair, or sofa, it automatically changes the direction.

Plush Pig Toy

There is a study that shows that anxious dogs show behavioral improvement when they spend time with their favorite plush toys. In other words, plush toys are a sort of their best buddies that they can carry around. The following pig plush toy can provide your Frenchie with a safe feeling while you’re out of the home.

Frenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg

We all know that nothing can distract a dog’s attention as the food. Food presents their main motivation not only for training but also when they need to spend time alone. The following interactive food egg is great to put dry kibble food inside, and will certainly make your little gremlin entertained for hours. As the egg rolls, it releases tasty treats for your pup. You can also choose the level of difficulty so your dog will get thrilled over and over again.

Frenchie World® Snuflemat for IQ development

Isn’t it great that from now on, your French bulldog will be able to search for tasty treats and occupy his attention while you’re out? This snuffle mat can be filled with tons of snacks and comes in many colors. If you feed your little gremlin with dry kibble food, you can even hide his whole meal inside of it and prolonge his meal at the same time.