How To Heal Your French Bulldog’s Cracked Paws?

Realizing that your French bulldog’s paws are cracked and dry can be devastating. Those tiny body parts do so much for their bodies, so we have to protect them from harmful elements found in our environment. Even though you’re a responsible dog owner who takes care of your four-legged family member, it’s sometimes difficult to predict certain conditions. That’s why we decided to provide you with tips on how to heal your French bulldog’s cracked paws.

Why is important to protect my French bulldog’s paws?

Dogs not only explore the world with their paws, but they also regulate their temperature through their paw pads. That’s why it’s important to keep their paw pads soft and soothed. If those tiny body parts become dry and cracked, you Frenchie will be unable to sweat and his moves will be painful and restricted.

Besides taking care of your French bulldog’s paw pads, you also have to trim his/her nails regularly. Walking with long nails can be very painful for your pet, and that’s not all. The traction will be decreased and there is also the possibility of ingrown nails.

How can I heal my French bulldog’s cracked paws?

Besides protecting your Frenchie’s paws from hot concrete, sand, and sharp terrains, you also have to think about all those harmful elements during the winter season. Road salt and ice can also cause severe injuries in your dog’s paws. Therefore, your dog will need both mechanical and cosmetic protection throughout the year.

Healing your French bulldog’s cracked paws isn’t a short process. Cracks on pads can be very harmful and there is even a possibility to develop an infection. That’s why you have to take your Frenchie to the vet asap to get the appropriate therapy. Antibiotic and topical creams are the best option for your furry gremlin because they’ll help heal wounds.

Corticosteroid creams can be used for only several days to release the feeling of itchiness.  In case your Frenchie starts to lick his paws excessively, putting an Elizabethan collar around his neck is essential.

What are the best paw balms for French bulldog cracked paws?

Frenchie World™ Paw Protection Stick

To keep your pet’s paws healthy throughout the year, you have to use dog paw balms that are specially made to suit the sensitive dog’s paws. The following pick features only natural ingredients to prevent allergic reactions. Olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax are only some of the ingredients to help in keeping your furry friend’s paws soothed and elastic. The balm comes in a practical package that looks like a lip stick. Since it’s completely harmless you can even apply it to your French bulldog’s nose to prevent keratosis and nose cracks.

french bulldog's cracked paws

Organic French Bulldog Nose & Paw Balm

We all know that organic products can provide both us and our dogs with many benefits. They’re free of additives, and pesticides, and they can’t cause allergic reactions. That’s why choosing a high-quality cosmetic for your furry gremlin is of great importance.

This dog paw balm for French bulldogs contains a blend of 9 natural ingredients. It’s rich in oils and will keep the dog’s nose and paws hydrated throughout the day. It will take only a few seconds to apply and the skin to absorb it. Regular use can prevent skin damage, bleeding, ulcers and infections. The balm restores moisture and comfort in cold and hot climates.

french bulldog's cracked paws

SOS Paw Balm For French Bulldogs

This French bulldog paw balm works as a protective shield against bacteria and allergens. It comes in a practical and big package and represents a perfect solution for healing cracked and dry paws. According to many satisfied customers, you’ll be able to see an improvement from the first use.

french bulldog's cracked paws

Natural French Bulldog Paw Balm

Let your dog have smooth, soft, and shiny paws and noses throughout the year. This paw balm is perfect for healing dry, chapped, and rough paws and noses. The ingredients are all natural, so your pooch won’t develop any irritation. Natural beeswax, olive oil, soybean oil, wheat oil, germ oil, organic sunflower oil, corn oil, Vitamin e, and grape seed oil are carefully blended to provide gentle care to your furry friend’s paws ad nose.

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