How To Keep a French Bulldog Calm During Fireworks?

Hearing your dog howling, barking, and whining on one of the most special days in a year, definitely doesn’t sound thrilling. To keep your French bulldog calm during fireworks, we made a list of the best tips that can help your Frenchie easier deal with the festive atmosphere in your neighborhood.

Dogs are just like kids. They get afraid of thunder, loud and sudden noises, and search for our vicinity when feeling frightened. Since French bulldogs are known as one of the most popular companion dogs who quickly become attached to their owners, we need to find the best ways to make them feel relaxed and calm during the firework season.

 Walk with your Frenchie early in the evening

To keep your dog calm during fireworks, we recommend taking your Frenchie outside earlier in the evening. In that way, you could keep your pet inside when the firework starts. It’s also recommended not to give your dog to drink water 2 hours before going to bed to prevent potty accidents and unplanned going outside.

Buy a cozy French bulldog house

Dogs who feel afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms will search for a calm, quiet, and safe place. You’ve probably seen your dog hiding under the table or some other secret place when the thunderstorm starts. To keep your dog calm during fireworks, it’s essential to place his warm and safe dog house next to you, or in the most peaceful place in the house.

I remember when my dog was first faced with the sound of fireworks. He started to bark so loud and nervously walked from room to room to find a safe ‘’shelter’’ to hide. No matter how hard I tried to calm him down, he continued to tremble and kept his ears back.

If you would love to provide your little gremlin with a warm winter dog house, my recommendation is to check the following one. Camouflage Dog House is soft and cozy, and there is always something timeless with the camo design. You can choose between many sizes, and the cotton fabric won’t make your pet uncomfy or cause skin allergies.

Place your dog next to you

We all know that our dogs feel the most relaxed when they’re with their owners. So, in case you’re at home with your Frenchie when the firework starts, we recommend you place him in your lap or next to you. In case he wants to hide somewhere, tell him words of support and put his dog house next to your feet.

Give your dog an item that carries your scent

This is one of the most common tips you’ll hear from behavioral specialists. By keeping your t-shirt or some other item that carries your scent, your dog will feel safe during the fireworks. This tip also helps Frenchies who suffer from separation anxiety. It’s a condition where the dog goes through stress by knowing he stayed home alone.

Try dog calming pheromones

If none of the previously mentioned tips help, you can try with calming pheromone diffusers. They can help dogs to relieve anxiety.

Lots of toys and treats

Keep your dog’s mind and nose occupied when the firework starts. Nothing will work better for any dog in this world than tasty treats. Our recommendation is to choose a sniffing mat because you can hide snacks inside and trigger your dog’s sense of smell.

French Bulldog Feeding and Sniffing Mat is resistant to tearing, machine washable, and easy to use. Your dog will have to solve different tasks to reach the treats from it.

Another French bulldog toy we recommend for keeping the dog’s mind occupied is the French Bulldog Smart Slow Feeder Toy. It’s made of ABS plastic and features boxes that can be filled with treats.

Frenchie World® IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Egg is one of the favorite picks of both Frenchies and their owners. You can choose the level of difficulty to release treats, which is the perfect way to make a dog feel pleasantly tired.

How To Keep a French Bulldog Calm During Fireworks?

Consult your vet to give your dog medication

In case your dog feels extremely afraid of the sound of fireworks, giving him antidepressant therapy might be the best choice. Putting your Frenchie on antidepressants without first consulting your vet can be very dangerous. Your vet is the only person who should determine the dose and what type of antidepressants to give your dog.

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