train a French bulldog to walk on a leash

How To Potty Train A French Bulldog?

A dog is a loyal friend with an endless amount of energy. If you have your heart set on owning one, be aware that they will need plenty of playtime and exercise to stay happy—and healthy! There are also some things owners can do (like rewarding good behavior) alongside what dogs contribute themselves: cuddles from their favorite person or treat-filled Kong toys. When potty training a French bulldog, it’s important to know both what YOU CAN DO AND HOW MUCH HELP YOUR PUPPY IS WILLING TO GIVE. Just like with 3-month old infants who cannot yet walk or use the toilet themselves; young dogs do not usually learn housebreaking rules quickly either. An understanding of this difference can lead one on an easier journey through potty training.

potty train a french bulldog

Can Frenchies control their bladders and bowels?

As your French bulldog grows up, he develops different capabilities. Younger dogs tend to have a harder time controlling their urine and feces. They will most likely not be able to stop the flow of it as easily, but they also need more outdoor time for potty breaks early on in life because this maturity process takes a while. One advantage of having an older dog is you know exactly when he/she needs his next visit out!

The number of hours a Frenchie puppy can hold its urine depends on its age. You can count the time your dog can hold his bladder and bowel when you add number 1 to his age in months. For example, 2-month-old puppies can refrain from potties for 3 hours.

potty train a french bulldog

How to potty train a French bulldog puppy and when to start?

Since there’s a long way to cross in order to tailor your puppy into a confident and obedient pet, you’ll have to invest plenty of love, understanding, and energy.

Meet your Frenchie’s personality

Every dog is different. Therefore, you have to discover what works the best for your dog. While some batpigs love praise words, others prefer toys or snacks. Before you start with any type of lesson, make sure you’re in tune with your furry friend.

Set a schedule

Setting a schedule is important because dogs love routines. It will help your dog get used to the time of playing, eating, and going to the potty.

When to do it?

 The best way for puppies to start their day is by taking them outside. Repeat this process based on age and ability, as well as after napping, chewing, playing, and eating. Some pups can sleep 7 hours straight but an alarm should be set so that you take your pup during these times too! When going out at night just make sure it’s quiet with no stimulus around–you don’t want anything bothering him/her while trying his hardest work all week long. Don’t forget to reward him/her with praise words and snacks if he ‘done the job’. After potty, make sure you gently and quietly place him in the crate or bed.

potty train a french bulldog

What to observe?

You have to learn your dog’s body language to successfully potty train a French bulldog. Knowing when your puppy has to go and taking them outside quickly will save you from a huge headache. Signs that your pooch needs the bathroom can include restlessness, sniffing around, barking, howling, and nervous walking around you and to the front door. The rule of thumb is to always choose the same spot for a potty so your dog could memorize it with a desirable activity.

Accidents as the normal part of potty training lessons

  1. To properly potty train a French bulldog, it’s essential to keep in mind that punishment is not allowed. If you see your Frenchie is urinating or defecating in the wrong place, you can calmly interrupt him and direct him to do it in another place. In the first few weeks when your puppy is still not allowed to go outside, you can place potty pads on a specific place in the house. Make sure you don’t change their place because that’s how you’ll confuse your pet.
  2. Another key element that will affect the potty training of your Frenchie is the schedule. Once you set the schedule of feeding, make sure you don’t change it. Depending on your dog’s age, you’ll need to serve your pet a meal 2-4 times a day.
  3. Just like kids, our dogs love to hear praise words and get rewards. Therefore, make sure you sort a certain amount of your Frenchie’s meal for rewarding. French bulldogs love treats because they’re not only tasty but also help them make a connection with a desirable activity. Giving your puppy a reward for appropriate behavior is crucial in training. Besides dry kibble, you could also use treats made of meat and veggies. Another option might include playing ball which most dogs love.
  4. Supervise your furry friend’s behavior to decrease potty accidents at home. Tether him with an extra-long leash (at least six feet) while he is still very small. Watch over him closely to prevent any accident and if you can’t monitor his behavior, then you can put him in the crate. Dogs are less prone to make potty accidents in crates.

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