french bulldog smelly ears

How To Solve French Bulldog Smelly Ears?

Frenchies are famous for their big and wide-opened ears which are undoubtedly the most recognizable feature in their breed. Besides, this characteristic makes them prone to suffering from ear infections due to their narrow ear canals. Since French bulldog smelly ears are may point out to different to underlying issues, we’ve decided to provide you with some useful tips.

French bulldog ear cleaning is definitely not a thrilling moment both for a dog and for its owner. Dogs usually feel terrified to see that someone wants to do something with their head, so this routine usually ends up badly.

Choosing the right ear-cleaning solution is another task because you should choose it wisely. It’s advisable to contain the ingredients that are famous for antibacterial effects.

What causes French bulldog smelly ears?

Thanks to their unique shape of ears and narrow ear canals, French bulldogs may suffer from smelly ears. They collect debris more often and unlike other dogs, require frequent attention.

Stuck plant in the ear canal

French bulldogs like to roll in the grass just like all other dogs. However, in those situations, your pooch may get a plant stuck in the ear canal which may cause itchiness, swelling, and bad odor. The plant foxtail is especially dangerous because of its sharp structure. It causes severe pains, swelling, and itchiness. That’s why it’s important to check your Frenchie’s ears every time you get back from a stroll.

french bulldog smelly ears

Seasonal pollen

Seasonal pollen is another trigger of itchy ears in French bulldogs. A dog who suffers from this type of environmental allergy will constantly scratch the ears to blood. Unfortunately, developing bloody wounds usually grows into an infection if it’s not treated on time.

Be careful of ticks

Ticks on French bulldogs often search for dark and warm places to hide. And, since they have wide-opened ears, there’s a greater danger for ticks to enter into an ear channel. Since the risk of getting ticks is higher during the spring and fall seasons, owners should more often check all dog’s body parts. Another solution represents wearing anti-tick and flea collar. The following one comes with 2 collars in a pack and provides up to 8 months of protection.

Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as polyps and tumors may represent a huge problem for your frog dog. Aside from ear scratching, your Frenchie might show neurological problems such as head tilt, twitchy eyeballs, circling, ataxia (wobbly), and nausea.

Hormonal imbalance

French bulldog smelly ears may also be caused by hormonal imbalance like hypothyroid and hyper adrenal (Cushing syndrome). Your vet should examine the otitis (ear canal disease) by conducting lab tests and otoscopic exam.

french bulldog smelly ears

How to solve French bulldog smelly ears?

After you took your French bulldog to see a vet to determine the therapy, you should keep a good cleaning routine. To remove the excess debris and ear wax from a dog ear, rinsing with 3% hydrogen peroxide is helpful. However, you should not perform it too often because ear wax provides natural protection.

You can make a 50-50 solution made of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Wipe out the canals with a cotton ball soaked in this solution. We recommend you not to use a q-tip, as that can lead to damage.

As one of the best products to use for your French bulldog ears, we suggest you try the following Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner.

french bulldog smelly ears

This powder removes excess hair, relieves itching, and minimizes irritations in ears. After you clean your dog ears with the previously mentioned solution, smear the ear canal with this powder and gently rub the ear. You can use it once a week, and it comes in a pack of 50 g.

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