How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy?

How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy?

Once you brought your cute little Frenchie puppy home, there’s a long way to cross for both of you. You’ll have to tailor your little pup’s personality and teach him/her certain tricks and obedience. When bringing a new puppy home, it’s important to know what would be your main obligations. As a dog owner, you will step into a new life chapter where many things will become changed once for all. One of the things certainly presents managing your free time with a new four-legged family member.

How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy?

How to take care of a French bulldog puppy? It’s certainly not an easy task, but…

Enjoy spending time together

Bringing a French bulldog puppy home may sound challenging, however, every task can be completed with the right organization. Therefore, it’s advisable to spend time with your Frenchie puppy as much as possible. For a puppy, the time spent with his/her owner means a lot. That’s how you two build an unbreakable bond full of trust and support. You’ll both be there to keep each other’s back.

How to take care of a French bulldog puppy and become its pack leader?

It’s very important to make certain ‘borders’ from the very beginning and to teach a dog that you’re his/her only pack leader. Dogs are pack animals that have been bred through history to respect human authority. By becoming a pack leader you’ll be able to teach him/her different commands and tricks, and that’s one of the ways for living with a well-behaved dog.  Since those lovely gremlins love to act stubborn from time to time, it’s advisable not to let them interrupt your very own space. By allowing your Frenchie puppy to eat your food or playing whenever he/she wants and doing whatever he/she wants, you can’t expect that he/she will not respect you in the future.

How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy?

Potty training from a very young age

Teaching a puppy how and when to go potty from the 6th week of age might sound crazy. However, according to many dog behavior specialists, it’s the right time for teaching a French bulldog puppy first to go potty on a specific place inside the house and then outside as well. There are many dog potty pads on the market that can serve as the first teaching level in dog potty training.

Crate training a French bulldog puppy

Every dog owner will say that dog crates make life easier. They are great tools for teaching a dog to have his own space in the house. It’s advisable to start crating a French bulldog puppy from the same time you start teaching him where to potty. People often think that crates are usually closed cages where puppies should spend time while owners are out…and it’s totally wrong. A dog crate may present an open space in the house; it should be equal to a dog’s confinement area where he’ll feel safe and comfortable.  Crates present different baby gates, x-pens (with an open upper part), or a simple dog cage in the end.

 In other words, a dog owner is the only person who decides what would be the best solution for his dog. A dog will try to tell you that through his body language. If he feels scared and uncomfortable staying in a crate alone, then he’ll probably start barking and howling. That’s why is advisable for a dog owner to gradually increase the time a dog will spend in the crate.

Teaching a Frenchie puppy to walk on a leash

This presents the next step in living with a well-behaved French bulldog. Teaching a dog to walk on a leash is probably the greatest issue for first-time owners. While some puppies naturally show a good leash behavior from the first time they go for a walk, the others act a bit more stubborn…and Frenchies are one of them. No matter what dog breed you own, the first step present introducing a puppy with a collar/harness and leash. It’s desirable to let a Frenchie puppy wear a collar for a short period first, and then to gradually introduce him with a leash. Using different snacks also present a great tool for teaching. However, it’s good to know where the limit is. Overfeeding a pup with snacks may disturb his eating schedule and lead him to obesity. So, making a good balance is always a good solution.

Proving a French bulldog puppy the best nutrition

This is one of the answers to the question ‘how to take care of a French bulldog puppy?’ Food makes the most important pillar of everyone’s body. Therefore, it’s important to provide your lovely batpig with proper nutrition. While some Frenchies will prefer eating meat-based food, the others will fit a food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. French bulldog puppy will not know to tell you whether some specific food has a good influence on his/her body. That’s why you need to listen to his body. How does your puppy’s coat look like? Did your Frenchie get any allergies? How do his potties look like? These are only some of the questions every dog owner should answer to. The best option will be to consult your vet and ask him what will be the best French bulldog diet for your little gremlin.

Frenchie puppy grooming demands

Every dog owner would like to hear that his puppy’s coat looks so healthy and shiny. One of the keys to getting a healthy French bulldog coat presents regular grooming. It’s advisable to take care of your French bulldog’s puppy by grooming his excessive hair every week. You can choose between different soft combs and grooming gloves for keeping his coat smooth. Another great tip is spraying your pup’s fur with different essential oils. Castor, Coconut, and Almond oils are proven to be the best for not only human’s hair but also dog fur. Cleaning a Frenchie’s coat with different baby wet wipes is also advisable. Since it’s not desirable to bathe a pup more than 1-2 times per month, regular cleaning your batpig’s fur from dirt, dust, and allergens is highly advisable.

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