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How To Travel With A French Bulldog? What To Pack?

What is your first thought when we pronounce the word ‘summer’. For us, it’s time to go on vacation and to have a great time with your Frenchie. So, if you’re also one of those who want to travel with a French bulldog, there are some precautions to keep in mind when you start packing. Our advice is not to rush because the sea and the sun will patiently wait for you. To make sure you won’t forget anything to pack for your Frenchie, we’ve decided to make a list of the most important traveling essentials.

What to pack when you travel with a French bulldog?

Aside from the fact they are incredibly cute and unique, Frenchies are notorious for a number of health concerns during the summer. Heatstroke in French bulldogs is definitely one of the worst scenarios that could happen on your vacation. That’s why you need to know the following so you can escape any potential danger.

travel with a french bulldog

1- Always bring a bottle of water

Hydration represents one of the most important tasks when you travel with a French bulldog. There are many portable water bottles for your Frenchie that come with an extension that looks like a bowl. To escape overheating, you should allow your pet to drink water every hour. The following one is perfect to use during the summer because it will keep the water cold and fresh for a long time.

2- Dress your pet in a Summer Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs

Thanks to special heat-resistant material, your batpig will be able to stay safe in the sun. The following vest should be worn wet and to get a better effect, we advise you to leave it wet in the fridge for 20 min before wearing it. From the moment your dress your Frenchie in it, he/she will experience a cooling effect and will lower the body temperature.

Another great item to bring when you go traveling, it the following French bulldog summer cooling jacket. It features a lovely backpack on the back that is actually a sort of air conditioner for your dog.

The backpack comes with gel packs that should be cooled before putting them inside of it. The gel packs will gradually spread the cooling effect over your pet’s body. Besides, the jacket can be worn wet, so you have two options to choose from.

3- Bringing a cooling mat or a self-cooling bed is ‘a must’

If you went to a place where is a warm climate, it’s good to bring a self-cooling bed or a mat for your Frenchie. They’re usually filled with a sort of cooling gel that regulates your French bulldog temperature.

The following Self-cooling bed is lightweight and features a fabric that is cold-in-touch. A special gel inside provides a cooling effect and will work best if put out of the direct sun.

frenchie cooling bed

4- Take Your Frenchie to swim

Despite the fact that Frenchies can’t swim, they deserve to enjoy a pleasant effect the water will provide them during the summer. You can dress you batpig in a French bulldog life jacket to keep him safe from drowning. The following life swimming jacket has floating panels on both sides and adjustable straps to customize the right size. It comes in vivid blue and pink colors and the handle on the back will help you to better maneuver with your Frenchie.

5- Bring a French bulldog backpack carrier

French bulldog backpack carriers represent a great option when your time spent traveling lasts long. They will help you to keep your dog away from exhaustion and ease your vacation. Made of pleasant cotton, and ensured with adjustable straps, this Frenchie carrier can also be used when you go shopping and if a dog has an injury.

6- French bulldog cooling collar in Extreme heat!

Since the neck area is known as a ‘refreshment spot’ both in people and dogs, wearing a cooling collar will help a lot. These collars should be worn wet and they come in different fabrics and colors. The following one features a cooling gel. The adjustable loops will help you to set the size ad we recommend you leave space for 2 fingers.

Other tips when you travel with a French bulldog

1- If you’re traveling by car, we advise you to take short breaks to take your pet to the potty, drink, or eat. Do not overfeed your Frenchie during traveling because it can upset his belly.

2- Keep your dog in a safety car seat for dogs, and put a harness on instead of a collar. A French bulldog harness represents a better option because it won’t cause neck injuries. Just imagine that you attached a collar to your dog’s safety seat ane then you brake abruptly. It’s surely the last thing you want to happen.

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