long haired french bulldog

Long-Haired French Bulldog Puppies

long haired french bulldog

There’s nothing quite like the affectionate French bulldog. They make such wonderful companions and offer a charming personality quite like any other breed of dog. If you have fallen in love with the good looks and sweet charms of a delightful breed, as I have, then you’ll fall head over heels for the long-haired French bulldog.

Never heard of the long-haired variety of the Frenchie? You’re not alone! For many years I assumed that the breed standard was, in fact, the only standard for this pup. However, a rare long hair gene is responsible for the appearance of this variance in our favorite type of dogs.

Seeing the dogs on the street or at the dog park, and adding one to your family is almost impossible unless you find the right breeder.

Just what sets the long-haired French bulldog apart from his smooth haired counterparts?

What is the long-haired gene?

In dogs, the gene responsible for the long-haired traits is simply one that causes longer hair to grow. There are rarely any other health conditions associated with this genetic abnormality, and the dogs that are produced carrying this gene are born healthy and go on to live long lives with their families.

What is interesting is that the gene for the long hair trait is what is called an autosomal recessive trait. What this means is that there is no genetic dominance with this gene, and it can only be produced in puppies that have parents who both carry the gene.

Similar examples of this can be seen in humans, with red hair. The gene for red hair is recessive and can skip several generations. In order for a baby to be born with red hair, both parents need to carry this recessive gene.

What are coat colors seen in long-haired French bulldogs?

Just as the smooth-haired Frenchies can be seen in a variety of coat colors, so can the long-haired pups.

Brindle coats are those that feature a predominantly dark color, with lighter coloring scattered throughout. There is often no discernable pattern with brindle coats, but they are definitely lovely to look at.

Pied coats are those that are white or lighter colors, with patches of darker. There may be very few dark patches, or just one giant one. The pied coat could be considered to be the opposite of a brindle coat.

Cream coats are just one solid color, cream in color of course. There will be no patches or darker spots on the coats of these pups.

Fawn coats can range in color from a light tan to a dark red. These dogs typically don’t have patches on their coats but may have distinctive darker shading around their ears and snout.

Blue and blue-brindle coats are quite rare and can range in the shade from light milk chocolate to quite a dark chocolate grey. The long-haired blue French bulldog is quite the double-rarity, and this often makes these pups quite highly sought after.

Cute long hair frenchie

Where can I find a long-haired Frenchie?

If you’re like me, you’ve completely fallen in love with the fluffy sweet face of the long-haired frenchie. Then you definitely want to add one to your family. The rarity of these long-haired dogs makes it a bit harder to find one, but there are reputable breeders located almost everywhere across the globe.

Do a bit of research into each breeder, and learn more about the dogs that they are offering before you fall in love. It’s also advisable to visit the breeder and the puppies so that you can get a good feel for them.

Many breeders of quality French Bulldogs have each dog in the litter spoken for long before they are ready to go home with you. Take my advice and start researching and planning for your long-haired French bulldog addition long before you plan on taking him home with you. This is a gorgeous dog and is in high demand. The sooner you start your preparations and your journey, the sooner you’ll find just the right Frenchie for you.

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