merle french bulldog puppies

Everything You Need To Know About Merle French Bulldog Puppies

Merle French bulldog puppies are one of the rarest French bulldog colors. They possess unique coats that take a lot of controversies. Since many reputable French bulldog breeders don’t admit merle Frenchies, we want to relieve why it’s like that.

What do you need to know about breeding Merle French bulldog puppies?

Unlike standard coat colors in French bulldogs, the merle coat Is not recognized by the AKC. Since this coat color can be induced by mating two non-purebred Frenchies or a Frenchie and Chihuahua, they can’t become part of standard French bulldog colors.

The merle gene is not originally found in Frenchies, so there aren’t any chances for this color to ever become recognized.

The merle gene results in piebald and solid forms. Besides, it’s also very common that these dogs have heterochromia iridium. It is a condition that causes eyes to be in different colors.

merle french bulldo puppies

The facts to know about merle French bulldog puppies

Merle Frenchies have blue eyes

One of the most common features of these dogs is that they have turquoise blue eyes. It occurs due to the presence of the merle (m-locus) gene. Merle gene lowers the level of melanin in a dog’s body, and when its body doesn’t have enough of this amino acid, there are higher chances to develop blue eyes.

merle french bulldog puppies

What does it mean when a dog is a ‘double merle carrier’?

When the breeder chooses 2 merle dogs for mating, every puppy has a higher chance to carry a double merle gene. A double merle carrier will have an almost white coat with a few marks of other colors on its body. Besides, they’ll, unfortunately, be on a higher tendency to be born deaf or blind.

Merle French bulldog puppies have health issues

Even though these pooches look stunning at first sight, there are high chances that they’ll suffer from health issues when improperly bred. Different studies have shown that merle Frenchies can suffer from severe allergies, stunted limbs, deafness, or blindness.

Besides, it’s essential to mention that light-colored pooches can also have eye abnormalities. Cataracts, coloboma, and issues with a nictitating membrane are only some to mention.

Possible color variations of merle French bulldog puppies

Merle Frenchies can come in three color variations. Each of them is attractive, so these Frenchies catch everyone’s attention wherever they paw in.

  • Black Merle

Black Merle French bulldog has a dominantly black coat color with patches of white, fawn, and cream.

  • Lilac Merle

Lilac Merle Frenchie puppies are one of the most expensive types of these little batpigs. The fur of lilac merle dogs is actually blue that reveals the lilac color. These dogs have light-colored eyes, and patches of chocolate brown fur on their coat.

  • Blue Merle

Blue Merle French bulldogs are also high in price due to a double rare gene carried. Their fur looks bluish with patches of white and cream. The eyes of these dogs are usually deep or light blue, or have two different colored eyes.

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