french bulldog's coat

Natural Ways To Keep French Bulldog’s Coat Healthy

How many times did you get surprised by finding clumps of your Frenchie’s hair on the couch? Well, putting a stop on your French Bulldog’s shedding would definitely be a life-saving option. That’s why we want to introduce you to natural ways to keep your French bulldog’s coat healthy and smooth.

french bulldog's coat

Regular brushing of your French bulldog’s coat

Every dog owner wants to live with a healthy and good-looking dog. And to be honest, the French bulldog’s coat is the mirror of his health. It reveals everything about his nutrition, habits, and care. Therefore, one of the first steps to improve your Frenchie’s hair is to provide it with regular brushing. Luckily, Frenchies have one-layered coats that don’t require hard combing.

Besides using grooming gloves, you can choose a practical brush for a French bulldog that will ease the process of getting rid of a dull-looking coat. The following French Bulldog grooming tool comes with dozens of combing needles that are carefully crafted not to hurt the Frenchie’s sensitive skin. Aside from this feature, the tool comes with a practical button that serves to clean up/release the hair from the comb.

french bulldog's coat

Another practical grooming tool that you may try on your batpig is the following French Bulldog Grooming Glove. The soft silicone pins are designed to provide a pet with a pleasant massage, while the shape allows you to reach all spots on the dog’s body. Since French Bulldogs are famous for their folds, this glove may help you to clean the dark and moist space between them. After you finish the grooming process, you can wash it in the cold water with detergent.

french bulldog's coat

Bathing a French Bulldog

Alongside with brushing, regular bathing will help a lot in dealing with a French Bulldog’s shedding. However, make sure you choose the appropriate shampoo for a French bulldog because they may show allergy to artificial ingredients. Your dog’s skin doesn’t tolerate human and baby shampoos due to different pH of the skin.

So far, I tried many shampoos for French bulldogs. However, I have chosen my favorite because I’ve noticed a visible difference in my dog’s coat. My French bulldog’s coat became smooth, shiny and what is most important, he didn’t show itchiness. This SoS Natural French Bulldog shampoo is rich in Aloe Vera and other magical herbs that soothe the skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin that is prone to irritations and dryness.

french bulldogs coat

Use dog supplements

If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie started to shed a lot even though it’s not a shedding season, I recommend you to consult your vet and include dog supplements. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are famous for beneficial effects they leave on a dog’s skin. They promote silky coat, relieve allergies, joint pains, and reduces flaky and itchy skin.

Choose a well-balanced French bulldog diet

Eating quality and well-balanced meals will have a great impact on your Frenchie’s overall health. Unfortunately, many commercial foods for French bulldogs are high in soy, wheat, corn, by-products, and other allergens. They not only cause itchiness but also cause flatulence and farts. If you’re still having a doubt which food brand for a French bulldog to choose, we recommend you to carefully read the label before making a final decision.

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