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French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. Created in England to be a miniature Bulldog, he accompanied English lacemakers to France, where he acquired his Frenchie moniker. Besides being a companion, he once served as an excellent ratter, but today his job focuses on being a fabulous family friend and show dog. He’s a rare dog breed, so expect to put in some time on a waiting list before you’re able to bring one home.

How Cold Is Too Cold For A French Bulldog?

Our Frenchies have built-in coats, but they still get cold during winter months. Their brachycephalic skulls, short coats, and legs make them susceptible to suffer from hypothermia. If you are curious to find out how cold is too cold for a French bulldog, read on and find out the tips to make your pup warm.

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Top 8 French Bulldog Food Brands

You might have heard divided opinions about choosing the best French bulldog food brand. While some Frenchies fit a protein-based diet, the others prefer eating grain-free food to avoid flatulence and allergies. That’s why we want to recommend the following top 8 French bulldog food brands that can suit your little gremlin’s belly.

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What Is The Best Diet For A French Bulldog?

Choosing the right diet for a French bulldog might sound challenging. It’s because this breed is on a higher tendency to experience digestive issues and show allergy to certain ingredients. To make sure that the food you’re feeding your Frenchie suits his belly, here are the facts to consider.