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French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. Created in England to be a miniature Bulldog, he accompanied English lacemakers to France, where he acquired his Frenchie moniker. Besides being a companion, he once served as an excellent ratter, but today his job focuses on being a fabulous family friend and show dog. He’s a rare dog breed, so expect to put in some time on a waiting list before you’re able to bring one home.

French Bulldog Colors

Incredible disposition, unparallel companionship and serious yet cute face, are not the only features of French bulldog that entice you. Their wide variety of colors and beautiful patterns are what makes them most popular breed among people (including me).  All colors and patterns are unique so when it comes to deciding which color you should …

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French bulldog Puppies-What do you need to know?

The large flat ears, layered skin, and unique dispositions are the defining attributes of French bulldog puppies. The miniature is undeniably popular among the pet owners, especially city dwellers. I can understand how hard it is to resist the playfulness of the little Frenchie. The erected ears are the trademark features of French bulldog puppies. …

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Bulldog vs. French Bulldog

You have heard about many bulldog breeds, but the most popular ones are French bulldog and English bulldogs. If you like square-faced dogs but are overwhelmed with the name ‘bull’ in the beginning, you do not have to be worried about that. My research says that bulldogs, whether French or English, are Asiatic Mastiff descendants.  …

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Pug Vs French Bulldog

For many people, distinguishing between Pugs and French dogs is often very difficult. The reasons are various identical attributes such as physical appearance and behavior of both the breeds.  In my opinion, it is always better to find out as much as you can about a dog’s breed before you bring it home. Personally, I …

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French Bulldog vs. Boston Terrier

If you are considering buying a squishy-face dog, there are broadly two choices, French bulldogs or Boston terriers. Apparently, the breeds are almost similar, but they have some notable distinguishing features. If you are picky like me, this article will help you buy your desired pet. I have spent hours of research to find out …

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Best French Bulldog Names

Resisting the wrinkly face of French bulldog is very hard, especially if you are a pet lover. There is no denying that it is an adorable breed. Despite having an occasional stubborn and lazy streak, Frenchie is incredibly adaptable. It has an easy-to-go personality that makes it an ideal family pet. Kids love this miniature …

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