Bulldog vs. French Bulldog

You have heard about many bulldog breeds, but the most popular ones are French bulldog and English bulldogs. If you like square-faced dogs but are overwhelmed with the name ‘bull’ in the beginning, you do not have to be worried about that. My research says that bulldogs, whether French or English, are Asiatic Mastiff descendants. 

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Pug Vs French Bulldog

For many people, distinguishing between Pugs and French dogs is often very difficult. The reasons are various identical attributes such as physical appearance and behavior of both the breeds.  In my opinion, it is always better to find out as much as you can about a dog’s breed before you bring it home. Personally, I

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Girl-Walking-With-Bulldogs french

10 Things French Bulldogs Don’t Like..You’ll Be Amazed

1. French Bulldogs Hate Humans… 2. They don’t like to Sleep… 3. Ohh and they really hate to swim 🤣 4. They don’t eat.. 5. Climbing isn’t their thing… 6. They won’t play with you… 7. They Aren’t Good Listeners… 8. They hate traveling… 9. They Really don’t Like New Friends… 10. They Do not Appreciate you…

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