Pied French Bulldog Puppies

Pied French Bulldog Puppy

Pied French Bulldog Puppies

One of my favorite coat and color patterns is the Pied French Bulldog. Serious breeders will tell you that the Pied Frenchie is one of the hardest combinations to perfect in breeding. Part of the concern is that the white pigmentation is often associated with some serious health concerns.

The pied coat pattern is a recessive trait. This means that both parents must be pied or have the recessive genetics for pied coats in order to product the puppies that will have the desired coats.

The potential for deafness

Color-linked deafness is seen in quite a few dog breeds. One of the risks of breeding dogs that have a largely white coat is that they could potentially develop what is known as pigment-associated hereditary deafness. Reputable breeders will be well-aware of this risk. They will test all of their puppies before they go to new homes.

Be sure to ask your breeder if your puppy is at risk, and have your vet test your puppy’s hearing if you feel there is a problem.

Care for your Frenchie’s coat

One of the features that all of us can agree on is that we love the short coat of our Frenchies. Some dogs are prone to excessive shedding. Luckily, your Pied French Bulldog is not going to be an excessive shedder. Certainly he will shed on your clothing and furniture but it can be controlled. Brushing your dog with a brush mitt or with a soft-bristled dog brush every week can keep his coat looking its best. Brushing not only helps to minimize shedding but it helps to release the natural oils that will give his coat that healthy shine.

Bath your dog once a month in an oatmeal-based dog shampoo. If he gets into something smelly or gets dirty then of course bath him more often.

The potential for obesity

Frenchies are muscular dogs with a heavy bone structure. This can make them prone to obesity. Even weight gain of just 5lbs can prove to be problematic for your little dog. Your Pied French Bulldog is not going to be the most energetic dog. These little dogs adapt well to life in an apartment, only going out once or twice a day to do their business. Unfortunately, this also means that they are perfectly happy being couch potatoes.

Be sure to walk your dog at least twice a day. If you can play with him in the yard or take him to the park it will also be great for his continued good health.

Be sure to also monitor his diet so that he eats just enough to provide him the nutrition that he needs for his current activity level.

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