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Can French Bulldogs Get Ringworm?

Even though ringworm in French bulldogs is not a life-threatening disease, it requires immediate treatment because it’s very contagious. It occurs when a dog comes in contact with the fungus and the carriers can be not only animals but also humans. The disease can be easily transmitted when a dog comes in contact with a contaminated item. It could be someone’s couch, piece of clothes, or any other item that a dog could sniff, lick or lay on.

How to recognize ringworm in French bulldogs?

Ringworm in French bulldogs appears like circular areas of hairless patches throughout the body. The ugly-looking patches can appear anywhere- on legs, armpits, belly, and even head. We can also call them lesions, and they can start to heal in the center or may become flaky and inflamed. Ringworm patches are not itchy but they cause hair loss that can spread the disease through your house. The dead hair on your furniture and carpets can transmit the disease to you and your family members, so early treatment is highly important!

The most important symptoms to notice if your Frenchie got ringworm are:

  • Brittle hair
  • Circular areas of hair loss
  • Brittle claws
  • Inflamed skin that appears to be flaky and scabby.

It’s also important to mention that skin issues and hair loss can also be in close connection to other underlying conditions in your pooch. In both cases, you have to consult your vet and tell him/her what signs have you spotted in your Frenchie.

ringworm in french bulldogs

How to treat ringworm in French bulldogs?

Ringworm should be diagnosed by performing a physical test and taking a swab. The so-called Wood’s ultraviolet lamp can also determine whether a dog became infected by this fungus. A vet observes the hair under the ultraviolet light and discovers if there’s a Ringworm on it.

Depending on the severity of the case and other infected family members, the treatment can last from 1 to 18 months. Ringworm treatment consists of the following steps;

  • House cleaning (dry cleaning of your complete furniture – beds, sofas, armchairs, carpets, and other items where your dog used to spend time).
  • Taking oral medications
  • Topical therapy

Since the spores of this fungus can live long, it’s essential to decontaminate your living place completely. During the treatment, we suggest you isolate your Frenchie in a separate room. We know that it sounds heartbreaking, but it’s the only way to get rid of it completely.

ringworm in french bulldogs

How to prevent ringworm in French bulldogs?

Even though you can’t know what branch, stone, or tree your pooch has just sniffed or licked outdoors, you can prevent him/her from this disease by regularly cleaning his/her paws. Besides, it’s equally important to keep your house clean, regularly groom your Frenchie, and make sure his/her bed is free of dirt, urine, feces, and dead hair.

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