shampoo for a French bulldog

What Is The Best Shampoo For A French Bulldog?

If you own a Frenchies, then you are pretty much familiar with their tendency to show skin irritations and itchiness. These symptoms can be triggered by a number of reasons, and using inappropriate cosmetics can also be one of them. Therefore, choosing a high-quality and natural shampoo for a French bulldog is one of the most important tasks.

Carefully read the ingredients in your shampoo for a French bulldog

Cheap dog shampoos might sound attractive at first because of the price. However, they are often rich in artificial colors and harmful chemicals that can ruin a dog’s pH of skin. Sulfates are widely used in shampoo production. They actually present one of the reasons why they are so foamy. On the other hand, they also make everyone’s skin dry and can irritate our eyes, and even lungs.

Lauryl sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are compounds that have been produced from petroleum and plant sources such as coconut and palm oil. These components are often used in dish detergents, shampoos, liquid soaps, and even toothpaste. The amount of these two ingredients depends on the manufacturer and may vary from small amounts to almost 50 percent.

shampoo for a french bulldog

What is the best shampoo for a French bulldog breed?

When choosing a shampoo for a French bulldog, it’s essential to find one that doesn’t sting the eyes. Since these little pooches have protruding eyes, it would be great to find a ‘no tear’ shampoo. Using baby shampoo and other cleaning products that are made for babies is not a good choice. They contain different pH values that dogs need. Therefore, it’s better to stick to dog products that are rich in natural herbs.

shampoo for a french bulldog

Dog shampoos serve to clean the dirt from their coats and to nourish their skin by providing it with all the essential vitamins and nutrients. We all have to agree that the dog’s hair reflects their health and care. Therefore, choosing the right dog shampoo is equally important as choosing a diet.

SOS Natural French Bulldog Shampoo

SOS dog shampoo is another great shampoo that we have tried on our Frenchies. It is available in different lines (for brown-haired, white-haired dogs, shiny hair…). Shampoos rich in Aloe Vera make the coat glossy and help in relieving itchiness.

shampoo for a french bulldog

Dry cleaning dog shampoo

Dry-cleaning dog shampoos are the most convenient to use between baths. To remove the so-called ‘doggy odor’ from your Frenchie’s skin, this Dry cleaning foam may present one of the best solutions. It is rich in Germa medicinal herbs and protects the dog’s fur from allergens. You don’t need to rinse it and it’s completely harmless for French bulldogs and dogs with sensitive skin in general.

shampoo for a french bulldog

Frenchie World® Oil Extracted Fragrances

Frenchie World bath salt is perfect for Frenchies with sensitive eyes and skin. It is available in three fragrances and is great for dogs that suffer from allergies.


What is the best brush for a French bulldog’s coat?

Besides bathing, brushing your Frenchie’s fur presents one of the key elements for owning a healthy and shiny coat. To keep your home clean of your batpig’s hair and help his coat look brilliant, we suggest you trying this French bulldog shower brush. It has a box to add shampoo, so you can brush your little fellow’s hair while having a bath. The soft silicone pins won’t scratch a dog’s skin and will provide him with a massage effect.


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