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The Best Cooling Beds For French Bulldogs In 2022

While we all can cool off during the summer season, Frenchies can’t escape their fur. Besides, these lovely pooches are on a higher tendency to get heatstroke during hot weather. That’s why we have selected the best cooling beds for French bulldogs that will become your dog’s safest place for chilling.

cooling bed for french bulldogs

Why use cooling beds for French bulldogs?

If we would ask people why do they choose Frenchies for pets, we’re sure their answers would be quite similar. Frenchies are wonderful pets who act friendly toward other dogs, and strangers, and easily fit any type of environment. Since they are brachycephalic dogs, French bulldogs don’t require much exercise which makes them a perfect pick for apartment living.

Aside from these facts, Frenchies don’t suit living in a warm or cold climate. They best fit mild temperatures that don’t exceed 23 C. Therefore, their owners should be especially careful when taking them outside in extreme heat. Besides using different cooling items for French bulldogs, you gotta buy a cooling bed that will become your dog’s safest place in the house.

Cooling beds for French bulldogs are made of heat-resistant fabrics and feature cooling gel filling. They immediately provide a pet with a pleasant effect and decrease their temperature to optimal ranges.

We’ve selected the best 7 beds for Frenchies that will surely become your dog’s favorite place for chilling during the summer.

What are the best cooling beds for French bulldogs?

Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat

Is there anything better than turning the air conditioner on when you come home from work? Well, for your dog, this cooling mat will have the same meaning because of the heat-relief effect it provides. You can place it on tiles or some other cold place in the house to get the best effect. It is also a go-to option when you go on vacation. It takes up a little space and thanks to heat-resistant fabric, your Frenchie will stay safe up to 3 hours.

Self Cooling French Bulldog House

If your dog likes the confined feeling a dog house provides, and tends to search for a safe crate, then he’ll adore sleeping in this Self Cooling French bulldog house. It is available in three sizes, and it features breathable heat-absorption fabric and waterproof bottom. The handle on top can be very useful when you want to move the house to another place. Your little gremlin will get an immediate heat-relief for 2-4 C degrees in only 5 minutes.

French Bulldog Bear Summer Cooling Mat

Another great summer cooling mat that can help your Frenchie to deal with hot weather is this cute Bear summer mat. It features a cold surface on top which is skin-friendly. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and it’s foldable and easily portable. Therefore, it represents a perfect accessory to take along to the beach.

Tropical Self Cooling French Bulldog Mat

This is definitely one of the best cooling beds for French bulldogs because it’s filled with silicone cooling gel. Place it out of direct sunlight in the coldest place in the house and your Frenchie will get a pleasant cooling effect in extremely hot weather.

The surface is waterproof and the design has been inspired by summer vibes.

French Bulldog Summer Hammock

To spend a safe day at the beach, it’s best not to allow your Frenchie to sleep and chill on the hot sand. That’s why we recommend you to have a look at the following Summer hammock for dogs. Since it’s elevated, your dog won’t sleep on hot surfaces. Lovely summer colors, and durable fabric that shapes according to your pet’s body will be a great pick for hot summer days.

French Bulldog Ice Summer Mat

The Ice summer mat is filled with cooling panels, and the collapsible design makes it especially handy both for indoor and outdoor use. The cooling panels will provide a cooling effect to your dog for a few hours. To get the best feeling, you can also place it in the fridge for an hour. The fabric is waterproof, easy to clean, and skin-friendly. Therefore, your dog won’t feel uncomfortable using it.

Self Cooling™ pad bed

Our last pick is will make a noticeable difference to your dog’s sleeping during the summer. This cooling bed is not only thick but it also features a gel that quickly lowers body temperature. Another great thing is that this bed shapes the gel inside according to your Frenchie’s body. Therefore, it is suitable both for puppies and seniors that deal with painful joints and arthritis.

Breathable & Cooling French Bulldog Pad

Let your dog sleep well this summer with a French bulldog bed that will keep you cool and comfortable. Made from heat-resistant fabric, it’s best when put out of direct sunlight as well as placed in the coolest room at home or anywhere else! The ice silk cushion provides a physical cooling effect due to its high-density material – just what we need during these hot months ahead.

cooling beds for French bulldogs

Summer Cooling French Bulldog Pad Bed

This dog bed is made of high-quality lightweight polyester and has a sleek design that will suit any room in the house. The fabric on top provides cooling to your pup while they sleep, as well as prevents slipping or discomfort when lying down at night with its non-slip bottom layer! The pad bed is also foldable and very easy to clean. You can wipe it with a wet cloth occasionally.

French Bulldog Swing Bed

To ensure your pup has a comfortable place to lay its head, this amazing French Bulldog Swing Bed is a perfect choice. The 4 adjustable levels allow your BFF enough space for napping or sleeping. And thanks to its transparent fabric, your dog will stay cool on those hot days. Whether you and your dog are planning to spend a cozy day outdoors or enjoy summer days in an airconditioned room, this cooling bed for Frenchies will suit any occasion.

cooling beds for French bulldogs

French Bulldog Summer Garden Chair

The French Bulldog’s love for sun and sand knows no bounds. This amazing chair will make your pet feel relaxed, safe, and happy during their time off in the great outdoors! Available in different colors with patterns galore to suit every style preference imaginable- this lightweight yet sturdy design allows furry users to spend relaxing moments.

cooling beds for French bulldogs

Icy French Bulldog Cooling Mat

The Icy French Bulldog Cooling Mat is a must-have for all dog owners this summer. The mat has an inner cooling gel that will keep your little gremlin cool and relaxed on those hot days, while also providing instant relief from any signs of heat stress! You can take it anywhere with you because the design allows space enough to carry two or three at once – making life easier than ever before when traveling with Fido in tow (or four!). Pick between different sizes available: small/medium…

French Bulldog Ice Cream Summer Mat

What’s more adorable than this French bulldog cooling mat? It comes in yummy and fresh summer designs and a special outer layer will make your pooch cool and comfy on warm days. To get the best cooling effect, it’s essential to place this French bulldog bed out of sunlight. Thanks to a waterproof fabric and non-slipping bottom, this bed is easy to clean.

Signs to spot hyperthermia in French bulldogs:

  • lethargy
  • heavy breathing
  • dehydration
  • vomiting
  • loss of consciousness
  • rapid heartbeat
  • red and dry gums
  • sticky saliva
  • dry nose

Other tips to help your Frenchie deal with overheating:

  • Allow your dog to drink plenty of water during the summer months
  • Avoid going out in extremely hot weather. Instead, go outside early in the morning and late in the evening.
  • Swim, swim, swim! Even though Frenchies can’t swim, you should allow them to spend time in the water in order to cool off a bit. Don’t forget to use life swimming jackets as well!
  • Don’t leave a dog in a parked car even when the windows are open.
  • Dress your Frenchie in a cooling vest that provides protection of overheating and allergens as well.
  • Use cooling collars for French bulldogs. They provide immediate relief from the heat.

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