french bulldog christmas gift ideas

The Best French Bulldog Christmas Gift Ideas

We all spend more time with our dogs than with anyone else from our family and friends. That’s why those furry friends deserve to find a special place when buying gifts for Christmas eve. If you’re a dog owner who likes to buy gifts both for your loving ones and your pooch, then you gotta check our best French bulldog Christmas gift ideas. They’ll bring a holiday spirit into your home, and will surprise your special persons on such a festive day.

french bulldog christmas gift ideas

The Best French Bulldog Christmas Gift ideas for dog owners

There is something that makes us all happy when we say the word ‘Christmas’! It brings happiness, joy, and special family moments we remember for life. Besides spending time with our family members, we all adore unwrapping presents and enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner. Therefore, if you’re still thinking about what would a Frenchie owner like to get for a present, we suggest you sneak into this list and find your favorite pick.

Christmas Frenchie Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

We are sure that every French bulldog owner can’t imagine a day without sharing hugs and kisses with his/her dog. That’s why you have to celebrate the love for these cute gremlins by wearing a holiday-inspired French bulldog t-shirt. This tee is unisex, made of cotton, and comes in many colors. You can match it with your casual jeans, and trousers at home or when chilling with friends.

French Bulldog Christmas Gift ideas

Just A Girl Who Loves French Bulldogs And Christmas T-Shirts

Are you just a girl who would rather spend Christmas Eve with a Frenchie than with anyone else? This Frenchie tee for owners is specially designed for all those persons who need only a Frenchie in their life. Made of pre-shurk cotton, and available in black color, you can match this tee with skirts, jeans, and leggins.

French Bulldog Christmas Gift ideas

Iphone Case with Expanding Stand holder

Surprise your special person or yourself by buying a phone case inspired by French bulldogs. The iPhone case is available in 2 patterns that come with expanding stand holder. The case is lighweight, elastic, non-breakable, and will protect your phone from scratches, falling, and other troubles. Emblazoned with a lovely peeking Frenchie, this gift will thrill every lover or admirer of the French bulldog breed.

Flannel Women Pajamas

There’s nothing better than lying all day long in your favorite winter pajamas and watching your favorite movies. The following women pajamas are made of soft plush that will provide you warm and snug feeling on those cold and snowy winter days. The set consists of the top and bottom parts, as well as the buggy bag where you can pack your favorite make-up items.

Luxury Diamond Frenchie Keychain

Help your friend or family member never lose the keys again by carrying them on this Luxury Diamond Frenchie Keychain. This gorgeous keychain is emblazoned by thousands of shiny zircons, and it will remind you how much you adore your little gremlin.

french bulldog christmas gift

The Best French Bulldog Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Lovely Pooch

When it comes to finding the best French bulldog Christmas gift ideas, it’s undeniable fact that we all want our dogs to look special and spotted on such a special day. The following picks are carefully made to suit the Frenchies body proportions, so you won’t have any trouble choosing the right clothes for your batpig.

Christmas Eve French Bulldog Costumes

Turn your little gremlin into a fluffy Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, or any other Christmas character. These French bulldog costumes are made of soft fleece and feature lovely 3D decoration. You can hand wash them in cold water and place them on a flat surface to dry. We are sure that your furry friend will look cute and ready for taking photos on Christmas Eve.

french bulldog christmas gift ideas

French Bulldog Santa Claus Riding Deer Christmas Costume

We promise you’ll have a lot of fun by seeing your Frenchie wearing this hilarious costume. Santa Clause will mosey on the dog’s back and he will look like a reindeer on a big mission. The Santa jacket is made of soft and shiny plush, and the velcro straps on the belly help you set the size.

frenchie christmas gifts

Winter Anti Slip Waterproof Boots

To safely paw through the winter season, your French bulldog needs to wear special waterproof dog boots. These Frenchie boots come with anti-slipping sole, and they have a padded inner side that will keep your dog’s paws warm and dry. They represent a perfect Christmas gift for your pooch that will provide many benefits to those tiny body parts. Walking on sharp and icy pavements, and concrete covered with street salt can cause severe chemical burns, blisters, and frostbites to a dog’s paws.

Christmas Elk Winter Jacket

From now on, your dog can stay fully protected when going outside in cold weather. It covers both frontal and backside legs, and it’s filled with soft and warm felt. Since it’s decorated with Christmas details, this jumpsuit represent a perfect pick for the winter season.

Frenchie World Christmas Ugly Sweaters

Every pooch deserves to have an ugly Christmas sweater that will bring festive vibes and holiday spirit on one of the most special days in a year. The following Frenchie World Christmas Ugly Sweater is available in 4 patterns and many sizes. Since it features acrylic wool, your pooch will stay snug and warm on those snowy winter days.

french bulldog christmas gift ideas

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