The Most Friendly French Bulldog Yorkie Mix


The petite Yorkie often has a reputation for being a yappy little dog that no one wants to have around. The truth is that they are charming and delightful companions. The French Bulldog Yorkie mix is a lovely mix of all of the best that these two dog breed have to offer the people that they love and live with.

The appearance of the French Bulldog Yorkie mix

The ideal weight for a healthy male Yorkie should be between 4 and 7lbs. These petite dogs typically don’t stand higher than 9 inches at the shoulder. As with all dog breeds there are some inconsistencies to be seen with the size of Yorkies. When combined with the stockier frame of the Frenchie, the result is often a dog that weighs no more than 12lbs.

Most of these mixed pups tend to have the rounded head of the Frenchie, with the longer coat that is a combination between the two. Your mixed pup could have anything between the smooth short coat of the Frenchie to a slightly longer soft coat that needs to be brushed quite often in order to avoid tangles.

The colors seen in the Frenchie Yorkie mix often lean more toward the tan colors of the Yorkie, with some dogs being solid black or white depending on their parents.


The personality of the French Bulldog Yorkie mix

Despite its reputation for being an annoyingly yappy little dog, the Yorkie is actually a very sweet and fun companion dog. He’ll always be happy and energetic when you come home, and will always be up for affection and time spent with you. Your French Bulldog Yorkie mix is going to combine the affectionate traits of both breeds, and give you a dog that simply adores spending time with his family. He’ll be fun to play with, and will always love being around his people.

You’ll find that your dog also enjoys meeting new people and other dogs. This of course is contingent of your ensuring that he gets plenty of good socialization when he is a youngster.

Your dog is going to be eager to please you, and won’t have too much of a stubborn streak. He’ll be highly motivated to learn new tricks, especially if you have treats to give him as incentive.

Training your Frenchie Yorkie mix

Training is important with any breed of dog. Some people tend to treat small dogs like they are fragile and shouldn’t be trained properly to walk on a leash or to obey even the most basic of obedience commands. While you do want to ensure that you are only using positive reinforcement and treats to encourage your dog to respond positively to training, there’s no excuse for not properly training your Yorkie mix. You’ll find that he’s happy and eager to have those training sessions with you.

Be sure that every member of the family knows how to walk your dog, and that everyone plays a role in keeping him happy and healthy. This will encourage your dog to bond to every member of his family.

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