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The Top 11 French Bulldog Raincoats in 2022

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says autumn? It’s probably rainy and foggy weather that makes us spend time on the couch snuggled up in our favorite blanket, drinking hot tea, and watching a favorite sitcom. Are we right? Since stepping into cold months isn’t such a thrilling moment neither for you nor for your pet, you need to find the right French bulldog raincoats to keep your dog safe and warm. These are the top 11 picks for the autumn season that your batpig will enjoy wearing.

Why does your batpig need to wear French bulldog raincoats?

French bulldogs are widely recognizable for their brachycephalic skulls and bat ears. Besides, they have short and one-layered coats that shed moderately. Due to these reasons, Frenchies are incapable to regulate their body temperature when they spend time in cold weather conditions.

Wearing clothes is for these dogs one of the most important things because it will literally save their lives. As a responsible dog owner, you have to know to recognize the signs of hypothermia in order to react on time and help your pet.

Trembling, leg-lifting, heavy breathing, lethargy, and loss of consciousness are only some of the most common symptoms to spot in your dog.

French Bulldog Raincoat Parka

For those rainy days when you want to have a walk with your dog, we suggest you dress your dog in this French Bulldog Raincoat Parka. It’s made of waterproof fabric and features reflective straps on the dog’s back. Besides, this French bulldog raincoat covers the dog’s shoulders and comes with a hood that provides protection of the wind and rain.

Frenchie World® Transparent waterproof raincoat

If you want your dog to stay dry when going outside, it would be enough to have this lightweight Frenchie World Transparent waterproof raincoat. Your pup can wear it over a thick and warm hoodie in cold temperatures, or as a single protective layer of rain in moderate temperatures.

Hooded Reflective Waterproof French Bulldog Parka

If you want your pooch to look both modern and comfy, then you gotta check out this awesome Frenchie raincoat. It is available in three colors, and thanks to reflective stripes on the hood and back, your dog will stay safe when walking at night. The fabric is waterproof and windproof, so your dog’s fur will stay dry when going out in the rain.

french bulldog raincoats

French Bulldog Yellow Windbreaker

Another great pick of French bulldog raincoats is the following windbreaker from the Frenchie World. It looks like a vest and features a thermal felt filling inside that provides the extra warmth. The collar is made of faux fur and can be removed as needed. Your dog will look both fancy and stylish because it’s designed in warm yellow color and contrast grey faux fur collar.

The button closure makes the dressing easier, while the high cut prevents a dog from the potty messes.

french bulldog raincoats

French Bulldog Glittery Waterproof Coat

French bulldog glittery waterproof coat is carefully designed for the French bulldog breed to support their strolls in rainy weather. It’s made in a gorgeous pearl color that will give your pooch a wonderful posh pick of clothing, It’s suitable to be worn in moderate temperatures because it’s made of a thin and soft PVC fabric.

french bulldog raincoats

Nylon French Bulldog Rain Jacket

French bulldog raincoats come in a wide variety of colors and styles, but this one is our favorite. Even though it’s transparent, it also has a cute printed detail on the dog’s back. And you know what? The hood has a special highly transparent part that allows your dog to clearly see while walking in the rain.

raincoat for a frenchie

French Bulldog Camouflage Waterproof Rain Jacket

The camouflage pattern never goes out of style. That’s why we’ve decided to put this Frenchie raincoat on this list. Available in two colors, and many sizes, your pooch will enjoy wearing it on breezy and foggy autumn days.

Spaceman French Bulldog Raincoat

We’re pretty sure that you’ll adore including this Frenchie raincoat into your dog’s wardrobe. Made of PVC fabric that is the best fabric for the rainy weather, your little furry friend will stay prepared for all those jumping onto puddles. Besides, the hood features an added transparent extension that provides total protection.


Skateboard Windproof Dog Jacket

Although this isn’t a classic dog raincoat, this Faux Leather Dog jacket is perfect to wear during the fall. It’s available in two colors and can be worn on special occasions too. The artificial leather is thick enough to keep your pooch both snug and safe from the rain and wind.


Leopard Printed Spring/Summer Raincoat

Are you a lover of fashionable French bulldog raincoats that will make your dog spotted wherever you go? If yes, then you gotta check this fancy outfit for your little gremlin. Crafted in eye-catching leopard pattern, and ensured with a cap extension on the hood, your dog will be ready for any occasion. Besides, he will stay warm and comfy to walk outside on a rainy and windy fall day.

Reflective Safety Frenchie Raincoat

This sporty jacket will be perfect for a brisk spring or fall day. The Reflective Safety Frenchie Raincoat is waterproof and designed to support all your dog’s activities. Thanks to a high gloss fabric, the rain drops will slide down, while the reflective stripes will provide extra safety in low light conditions.

french bulldog raincoats

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