french bulldog husky mix

The Unique Blue Eyed French Bulldog Husky Mix

french bulldog husky mix

Most often associated with cold weather and their amazing resemblance to wolves, the Husky dog is a high energy dog with a high prey drive. When combined with the French Bulldog, the result is quite interesting, with a dog that makes a beautiful addition to your family.

The appearance of the French Bulldog Husky mix

The long dense coat of the Husky dog has been designed by nature to keep him warm when he’s spending time in those chilly winter environments. When combined with the short smooth coat of the Frenchie, you are likely to get a variety of coat combinations that could include a softer short coat or a medium-length coat. The patterns and colors of the coats could combine both the typical markings of the Husky, with some of the brindle, tan, fawn, or white colors seen most often in the Frenchie.

There is a rather large size disparagement between the two breeds. The typical healthy Husky male could weigh between 44 and 60lbs, with the healthy female weighing between 35 and 51lbs. The maximum healthy weight for a Frenchie is typically 25lbs. Your French Bulldog Husky mix could weigh anywhere between 35 and 45lbs, with most leaning more toward the slighter end of the spectrum.

One trait that most often makes an appearance in the mixed puppies is the striking blue eyes of the Husky. This can make your dog look entirely unique, and simply stunning.

French Bulldog Husky Mix

The personality of the Frenchie Husky mix

Husky dogs are large working dogs, that do look very much like their wolf cousins. They are often not well-suited to being simply companion pets, and their high levels of intelligence can often get them into trouble when they get bored. As you know, Frenchies can be prone to boredom when they are left to their own devices. They also have a stubborn streak that is matched to the stubbornness that the Husky often has.

That said, both breeds are eager to learn and eager to please their people. With the right environment even the most willful Husky can become a great addition to any home. Their high prey drive can be a bit of a problem if you have cats or other small animals in the home.

The Frenchie Husky mix can be a bit protective of his family, and may be prone to howling at sirens at night just like his Husky relatives tend to do.

Training and working with your Frenchie Husky mix

These dogs really love feeling useful and having a job. This gives you a great opportunity to work with a patient trainer who can help you to harness the work ethic of your dog. Beyond teaching him his basic obedience and leash training, you could find that it’s easy to train your dog to perform fun and helpful tasks around the house. This will help to engage him, and encourage him to seek out only those positive and rewarded tasks.

Teach him to put his own toys away in the basket, or teach him to fetch the daily paper. There is no end to the chances you’ll have to keep this highly intelligent breed happy and healthy for your lifetime together.

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