Top 15 Fabulous Gifts For French Bulldog Lovers

Are you looking for some unique and fabulous gifts for French bulldog lovers? French Bulldogs have a reputation for being fashionable. It’s no surprise that the gifts you can purchase are equally as stylish and chic! We have rounded up 15 different gifts for their owners at every price point that will make your life easier!

What are the cutest gifts for French bulldog lovers?

Where’s My Coffee Mug

Everyone loves to start a day with a mug of good strong coffee. That’s why we think every Frenchie owner deserves to enjoy it from this adorable mug. The sleepy and frowning Frenchie will surely bring out a laugh or two throughout your day.

French Bulldog Airpods Case

Keep your AirPods safe from dirt, scratches, and liquids by carrying them in this lovely 3D French bulldog case. It’s made of elastic and durable silicone and will hide your expensive Apple gear and make it less visible to others. Choose between 2 colors, and let this cool Frenchie follow you on your daily adventures.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

French Bulldog Garden Statue

Another pick of gifts for French bulldog lovers is definitely a lovely statue of a Frenchie. This resin statue features every little detail that makes these creatures so special and unique, from their big ears to their flat noses. You can place it anywhere you like- it’s sure to fit well into any home or yard space! A resin statue of a furry Frenchie welcomes everyone to your home with their little ears wide open. The details are carefully crafted in order for this piece of art to look realistic and natural, making it suitable both indoors or outdoors.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

French Bulldog Coin Purse Keychain

If you don’t have enough room for all of your Frenchie paraphernalia, and who does? Check out this coin purse keychain that can be attached to anything from backpacks and keys down to your dog’s leash. It comes in many colors so it will match any style preference as well! Besides owning one isn’t enough; multiple ones on the same object is a fun way of showing off even more love for French Bulldogs.

frenchie gifts

French Bulldog Art Canvas

These Frenchie Art Canvas Paintings are sure to be a hit with parents who love French Bulldogs. The paintings come printed on high-quality canvas and the colors will fit modern or romantic interiors. They’re also great as gifts for your special person! Definitely one of the must-have items for every Frenchie owner.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

New French Bulldog Unisex Sliders

The list of gifts for French bulldog lovers can’t be complete without cozy slippers. Our French Bulldog Unisex Sliders are perfect for the summer. They’re made of soft and foamy rubber, they come with anti-slipping bottom, plus you won’t overheat your feet in them because they’re breathable! You’ll wear these versatile sliders all day long whether it’s at home or out on a walk. Since we spend our lives on our feet wearing high-quality shoes is essential to keep us comfortable as well as happy!

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Grumpy Frenchie Keychain

“How many times did you want to buy an awesome Frenchie-inspired gift that’ll impress the heck outta them?” we hear so frequently from our readers (and ourselves). “Something different than flowers or chocolates!” But what about gifts under $20?! That can be difficult… unless it involves one little thing: a cute grumpy Frenchie keychain. This gift for French bulldog owners will keep the keys safe and always noticed.

French Bulldog Tote Bag

This lightweight French Bulldog Tote Bag is perfect for carrying summer essentials when you head to the beach. We’ve decorated it with a lovely Frenchie and an inspirational message just for all Frenchie owners out there!

French Bulldog Secrets Hardcover Book

We’re sure that you won’t find a better gift for a first-time French bulldog owner. French bulldog secrets is a book that will help you discover all the tips and tricks on how to take care of your Frenchie. Besides the essential info about the history of this breed, you’ll also find chapters about their diet, and care.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

French Bulldog 3D LED Hologram Night Lamp

This fabulous 3D night Lamp radiates light in an intricate French bulldog shape. Up close, the technological miracle is even more amazing as you see how each of its features comes together to create stereoscopic effects with lasers. This gives off 98% transmittance and creates stunning illumination for your special corner at night.

french bulldog gifts

French Bulldog Men’s T-Shirt

The ‘Friends’ themed t-shirt is one of our favorite gifts for French bulldog owners! Every Frenchie dad would love to wear it because the print features lovely little gremlins. And aside from being a good pick for fans, it’s also inspired by what many consider to be one of the best sitcoms ever created so even non-fans will likely enjoy this tee too.

Frenchie Table LED Lamp

This lovely table lamp will decorate your special corner and become one of your favorite items you’ve ever bought. Choose between the male and female versions and let everyone know that you love those cute piglets more than anything in this world.

gift for frenchie lovers

French Bulldog Flower Pot

If you’re a true dog lover, then the Frenchie Flower Pot is for your house! The pot’s adorable design makes it perfect to grow succulents and cactus in. Sometimes even small details like these little dogs can add some spirit to any space they are placed in. Crafted with a lot of love for those cute doggies every step of the way, this flowerpot will be sure to bring a special note to your garden and balcony.

Meditating French Bulldog Statue

The Meditating Frenchie statue is the perfect addition to any French bulldog lover’s garden. It makes a great decoration on your balcony, porch, or patio and it will bring joy into every room you place him in! This unique outdoor sculpture brings peace wherever he goes and his presence will definitely help calm antsy feelings inside of yourself as well. With its high-quality material construction, this meditating statue can add charm & character to your special corner.

Graffiti French Bulldog Statue

A dose of urban and skate culture will be brought to your home with this lovely French Bulldog statue made from resin. You can choose the size that matches your interior design and decorate your special corner! You can never make a mistake by choosing this French bulldog gift for your special person.

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