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Top 6 French Bulldog Harnesses For The Summer Season

Keeping a Frenchie cool in the summer is one of the biggest concerns for many owners. These little gremlins are prone to heatstroke because their short muzzles aren’t capable to regulate their body temperature. That’s why we selected 6 French bulldog harnesses for the summer season that will help you keep your dog comfy and safe.

french bulldog harnesses

How to choose the right French bulldog harnesses for the summer season?

Frenchies require wearing harnesses with fewer straps during the summer. Too many straps can make them nervous and their skin can react sensitively to harsh fabrics. Red marks, irritated and itchy skin can be only some of the results of wearing heavy and thick harnesses or vest harnesses.

Unlike most other dogs, Frenchies have only one layer of coat. Due to this reason, you should choose soft, breathable, and padded harnesses regardless of the season. When we talk about taking Frenchies outside in hot weather, it’s extremely important to choose lightweight mesh or canvas dog harnesses.

Besides Frenchies, other dog breeds such as Pugs and Dachshunds also need to wear mesh harnesses in the summer. Unlike Frenchies who have brachycephalic skulls, Doxies have short and elongated bodies that make them prone not only to overheating but also to spine problems.

Carefully choose time for summer strolls

To safely take your Frenchie on summer strolls, we recommend you choose only early morning or late evening hours. Those are the safest periods of the day when your pooch will feel more comfortable walking outside.

What are the best French bulldog harnesses for the summer season?

We all know that French bulldogs have stout and short bodies and their owners know best how it can be difficult to find the appropriate clothes or harness to suit their bodies. The following 6 French bulldog harnesses are carefully selected and tried on Frenchies. They perfectly sit on every part of their bodies and don’t make dogs uncomfortable.

Frenchie World® soft padded harness

With soft and padded edges and only one strap that goes across the dog’s chest, you certainly won’t go wrong. This French bulldog harness represents a perfect pick for the summer season not only because of the cut but also because of the fabric. The durable nylon webbing straps are padded with soft plush that is very gentle to the skin.

french bulldog harnesses

No-pull Breathable French Bulldog Harness

For stubborn pullers, the following French bulldog harness will be the right pick. It features the x-shaped cut which serves to relocate the pressure to the chest part. Since it’s made of breathable mesh, your pet won’t feel overheated and will have a comfortable feeling. Besides, the edges are extra padded to prevent skin irritations.

french bulldog harnesses

Reflective Padded French Bulldog Harness and Leash Set

Similar to the first one, this harness for a Frenchie features only one strap across the chest and one around the belly. Due to these reasons, your batpig will be able to freely move, jump, and walk when going on walks.

Since it comes in a pack with a matching leash, Frenchie owners find it very practical and money-saving. There is also reflective sewing that will keep your pet safe in low-light conditions.

frenchie harnesses

Girly French Bulldog Harness, Leash and Collar Set

We are sure there isn’t anyone cuter than a Frenchie princess wearing girly accessories such as the following harness, collar, and leash set. Made of soft but durable canvas, this French bulldog harness will make your little girl not only safe but also adorable. The floral pattern simply ‘screams’ for summer vibes and it will be perfect to match with collar, bandana, and leash that come in a pack together.

frenchie harness

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set

Perfect for the summer season, this French bulldog harness will be the right pick for untrained puppies who need to learn to obediently walk on the leash. It features breathable lining and skin-friendly fabric on the edges. The canvas fabric is emblazoned with summer fruits and it is available in 4 patterns. The good thing about this pick is that it comes with a cute matching collar that can be used later when your puppy accepts good walking behavior.

Reflective Neon French Bulldog Harness

Our last pick features neon colors that will keep your dog highly visible when walking outdoors.  It’s made of solid nylon-webbing straps that feature reflective sewing. This feature can be especially handy when you go for a walk in late-night hours. Besides, the chest part is breathable and the padded edges will prevent any skin discomfort and irritations.  The adjustable belts and double D ring will snuggly fit around your dog’s body and will keep his spine and hips in a healthy posture.

french bulldog harness

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