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Top 9 Picks of French Bulldog Clothing To Make Your Dog Warm This Winter

If our Frenchies could choose, we’re quite sure they would rather hibernate during the winter season than go outside for strolls.  It’s a well-known fact that Frenchies can’t spend plenty of time outside in low temperatures because of their brachycephalic skulls and little bodies. If we don’t dress them in warm clothes, they can quickly lose their body heat which can turn out to be fatal. To make your dog safe and comfortable on those crispy winter days, we selected the top 9 picks of French bulldog clothing! They’ll look so *amn cute! We promise you!

How to make a French bulldog warm during the winter season?

Before we introduce you to our list of the trendiest picks of Frech bulldog clothing, we want to provide you with a few tips. They’ll help you in keeping your pet warm, comfortable, and relaxed in cold weather.

  • Place your French bulldog’s bed in the warmest spot in the house.
  • Choose a comfortable, warm and soft bed for your pet so it can burrow inside and feel warm and safe
  • Dress your dog in warm clothes such as jackets, coats, sweaters, and hoodies. This might sound silly to others, but French bulldogs should not go outside in the winter without wearing protective clothes.
  • Buy your dog protective footwear. French bulldog boots will protect your dog’s paws from cracks, frostbites, and other harmful elements.
  • Pay attention to your furry friend’s health and care needs. French bulldog’s nose and paws can become cracked during cold weather. Therefore, make sure you soothe these body parts with the appropriate vet-approved cosmetics. Our recommendation is to check the following Natural French Bulldog Paw Balm. It features natural ingredients such as olive oil, soybean olive, organic sunflower oil, grape seed oil, and many more.

What are the cutest picks of French bulldog clothing this winter season?

French Bulldog Designer Vest

How can we imagine winter walks without a protective dog vest? This French bulldog clothing pick is sporty yet elegant enough to turn your dog into the main trendsetter in the neighborhood. The outer fabric is water-repellent, and features a slight shine, while the inner layer is warm and padded with pp cotton. In case your pet needs additional protection from wind and cold, you can protect its ears with a removable hood.

french bulldog clothing

Pawda French Bulldog Hoodie

The Pawda Frenchie hoodie will make a perfect combination with the previously mentioned dog vest. It’s made from lightweight and soft cotton and features a fancy print on the back inspired by the famous human fashion brand.

french bulldog clothing

Fashion Guru French Bulldog Jacket

In case you’re searching for a practical and trendy French bulldog clothing pick, your little pooch will definitely catch everyone’s eye in this Fashion Guru dog jacket. It’s made from fuzzy fleece, features a zipper on the front, and a slightly-elevated turtle neckline will bring additional warmth.

french bulldog clothing

French Bulldog Fashion Fleece Jacket

Your search for a luxury dog jacket can end up here! This amazing French bulldog jacket is extremely warm, soft on the touch, and simply ’screams’ style! The design is inspired by the famous human clothing brand which makes this pick perfect for special occasions. Everyone will turn their heads when they see your dog walking down the street!

french bulldog clothing picks

Polar Fashion French Bulldog Jacket

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe when walking in cold weather, and so does your dog! The Polar Fashion French bulldog jacket will not only make a fashion statement in your town but will also make your furry friend warm, safe, and fully protected from the cold. It’s padded with pp cotton, and features a warm layer inside and a water-repellent layer on the outside!

french bulldog jacket

Pinky Glam Frenchie Sweater

We all agree that Frenchies are one of the most iconic-looking dogs in the world. They’re kings and queens of style and fashion, and this sweater will definitely put them in the center of attention wherever appear. It’s available in two colors and has been decorated with faux fur to bring a touch of glam and extravagance.

frenchie sweater

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

This French bulldog jumpsuit is pefect pick for those endless winter games! It provides great insulation, and makes your dog warm and fully protected. By dressing your dog in this French bulldog clothing pick, you can allow it to roll in the snow, jump, and run as much as it wants. It comes in 2 designs and also features a metal D ring on the back to attach the leash.

french bulldog clothes

Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

This dog windbreaker jacket is the perfect pick for those chilly and breezy days. It comes in gorgeous color combinations and features a zipper closure for easier dressing. Besides being lightweight, it also protects your dog in harsh weather and prevents it from hyperthermia. The feature you’ll especially adore are the reflective stripes on the sleeves that serve to keep your pet visible in the dark.

french bulldog clothing

Casual Winter Frenchie Jacket

Definitely one of the must-have items for the winter season! This Frenchie jumpsuit is a stylish, comfortable, and functional piece of Frech bulldog clothing that any adventurous dog will love! It’s available in 2 patterns and features a water-repellent fabric that protects from rain and snow. By wearing it, your little gremlin will stay fully protected in harsh weather.

frenchie jumpsuit

Water-repellent Puffer French Bulldog Vest

This vest is perfect for those chilly days when you want to take your furry friend for a walk. The water-repellent material will keep your pup dry, while the padded interior will keep them warm and cozy. The shiny black exterior is sure to turn heads, and the windproof design will keep them protected from the elements.

frenchie clothing

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