What Are The Most Important French Bulldog Vital Needs?

French bulldogs’ unique body shape, characteristics, and personality are certainly one of the main ‘culprits’ for their popularity growth. They’re not considered without a reason for one of the World’s most popular apartment dogs. Frenchies are dogs of huge hearts and charm. Once they steal someone’s heart, they stay there forever. Owning a Frenchie requires discovering some of the most important info about their vital needs. That’s why we’ve made a list of things that every French bulldog owner should care about/ pay attention to.

Regular exercise

We all know that Frenchies are low-maintenance dogs that would rather sit on the couch than doing anything else. However, It doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise at all. It’s very important to take your little gremlin on multiple short walks during the day in order to prevent them from obesity. Obesity is, unfortunately, one of the most common problems that affect French bulldogs. Therefore, going to relaxing walks through the neighborhood means a lot to their short and round bodies. Training a French bulldog leaves a beneficial effect not only to their body weight but also on their joints and hips.

Choosing the right diet for your French bulldog

First of all, not every diet will fit every Frenchie in the same way. Choosing the appropriate diet represents one of the most important vital needs for every dog. Since French bulldogs are at a higher risk of suffering from different food allergies and bloating, it’s highly advisable to consult with your vet for advice first. In most cases, Frenchies show allergies to food rich in corn, wheat, and by-products. Once you’ve bought a puppy Frenchie home and you’ve picked some specific brand of food, it’s very important to supervise your puppy’s reaction. If some type of dog food doesn’t fit your Frenchie, then he will show symptoms such as stomach bloating, gasses, diarrhea, and itchy skin.

Nose care of a French bulldog

It’s widely known that French bulldogs may suffer from dry nose. Since dogs, in general, like to put their noses into everyone’s business, these small body parts need to stay in good condition. Dogs’ noses work a lot for their bodies. In other words, they represent their window to the outside world. French bulldogs like any other bully breed often suffer from the dry nose with bad-looking crusts.

For solving this type of condition, it’s advisable to use coconut, olive, and castor oil. These ingredients are quick-absorbing, don’t trigger allergies, and your pet will certainly show an improvement in a few days of constant use (3 times a day). Scabs falling off shouldn’t surprise you since it’s a normal relieving process.

french bulldog vital needs

Regular Eye Cleaning

Some of the most common eye issues that affect Frenchies are dry eye, ulcers, and cherry eye. Although they’re famous for their adorable wrinkles and short snouts, they actually can cause different health issues. Since their eyes are exposed to many undesirable influences such as dirt and allergens, it’s recommended to regularly clean them with the Sterile eyewash for dogs. Any delay in cleaning may lead to infections and other serious problems.

Despite this problem, dry eye occurs when Frenchie’s eyes don’t produce enough tears or due to cherry eye removal, a congenital defect, or medication. If your lovely pooch experiences any eye trouble he will show behavioral changes like eye rubbing, redness, visible 3rd eyelid, and unusual drainage from eyes.

Tail pocket cleaning

One of the most important steps in French bulldog care is keeping your furry friend’s tail pocket free of dirt and infection. French bulldogs belong to a breed with a very small stub of a tail, with a ’hidden’ place perfect for bacterial growth and bad odor keeping. Unfortunately, many Frenchie owners are not conscious of the importance of regularly checking those small spots.

In French bulldogs, these spots develop until the 6th month of age. In order to know what are we talking about, you should gently stick your finger under your dog’s tail to discover whether he has a ’so-called’ pocket. Sweat, dirt, and grime will tell you if your dog is on higher risk to develop any inflammation or irritation. Here are some tips for keeping your batpig’s tail pocket in a good shape:

  • Use a baby wet wipe and gently clean the spot every time he goes to the potty.
  • After you finished, use dry toilet paper or a cloth to make sure you’ve left the pocket dry.
  • Applying a protective natural balm that you use for your Frenchie’s wrinkles can much help in providing a naturally moist and protection.

Ear cleaning of a French bulldog

How can we forget on one of the French bulldogs’ main trademarks? Like all other parts of a dog’s body, Frenchies’ ears require a regular cleaning from debris and detritus. However, most dogs don’t get so thrilled with this routine. Since Frenchies has long and opened ears , they’re more to catch dirt and allergens. If you’re scared to do your Frenchie’s ear cleaning by yourself, we advise you to ask your vet to show you how to do that. It’s actually pretty simple and can be done by using a simple cotton ball and ear cleaning solution.

Paw cleaning

Let’s pause for those lovely Frenchies’ paws! From all other body parts, they are most exposed to harmful external influences like sharp surfaces, hot or freezing pavements, and other chemicals such as road salt. Therefore, they need to be regularly cleaned. Buying the appropriate dog booties is also desirable especially in winter or when walking on hot sand on the beach or other hot pavements in summer. Using a wet cloth or baby wet wipes when you get back from outside can much prevent your Frenchie from getting different inflammations like blasts, pododermatitis, and other injuries.

As one of the best paw balms to use on French bulldogs, we suggest you check the following Natural Paw Balm.

Hydration is important

French bulldog’s shortened nostrils and brachycephalic heads make them prone to overheating. It means their lungs can’t get enough air during performing certain activities and having a walk on a hot sunny day. Their elongated soft palates, narrow tracheas, and nostrils make them having a compacted airway for breathing. That’s why is advisable to provide your French bulldog with plenty of water and to take him for a walk early in the morning or late evening.

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