Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much? Revealed

Have you ever wondered can dogs cry? That strange sound of whining is probably one of the weirdest and most concerning sounds your pet can produce. Since people often connect mourning sounds with crying, we decided to reveal the question ‘Why do French bulldogs cry so much?’

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What are the reasons for a French bulldog’s crying?

French bulldogs belong to companion dog breeds which means that they are very dependable. They like being the owners’ center of attention and to be involved in all the owner’s aspects of life. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised when you hear your dog’s crying when left alone.

Hearing your Frenchie’s whining, whimpering, and mourning is often referred to as the desire for attention, food, ad potty break. Besides, a crying sound can also be a reflection of the French bulldog’s jealousy and a sign of separation anxiety.

Therefore, you should pay special attention to your dog’s emotions in case you’ve just got a baby, or you’ve brought a second dog into a family. It can be a very stressful situation for every dog breed and not only for a Frenchie. Even though you won’t love your dog less, he won’t easily deal with the fact that he will need to share you with a new family member from now on. In such situations, it’s extremely important to gradually build a healthy and friendly relationship between your Frenchie and a new family member. The jealousy can be one of the reasons why do French bulldogs cry so much.

why do french bulldogs cry so much

How to prevent a Frenchie from crying?

Once you’ve determined the issue, you’ll easier approach to problem-solving. The excessive French bulldog’s crying is treatable only with your consistency in training and by providing a support.

Newborns and younger puppies tend to cry more. Early separation from the mother is a very devastating and stressful situation for them. In those moments, it’s understandable that they’ll need your full-time support and love. That’s how a puppy will get used to a new home and family. However, too much cuddling and showing affection can make a dog to become dependable and clingy. That’s why it’s important to make a balance between emotions and training.

By teaching your Frenchie to spend time alone in his safe zone, you will prevent him from suffering from separation anxiety. Besides, that’s how your pup will get used to your working schedule and daily routines. The early socialization will also help you easier deal with your Frenchie’s jealousy and will induce calm and obedient behavior.

Another way to prevent a French bulldog from crying is to make the crate experience a comfortable one. For example, you can use your Frenchie’s favorite toys or an item that carries your scent. Toys will help to occupy the dog’s attention, while the owner’s items will provide a feeling of safety.

Teething phase can also be one of the reasons for crying. Just like in human babies, dogs can cry because of the pain in their gums. For easier going through the period of tooth growth, you can use different cooling gels for painful gums. Besides, allowing your Frenchie to play with chew toys will also help him release the pain.

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