french bulldog stink

Why Does My French Bulldog Stink? Revealed

Who could ever think that your precious Frenchie could stink? Well, the reasons for such conditions are many, so that’s why we want to help you get the answer to the question ‘Why does your French bulldog stink?’

Why does your French bulldog stink?

Although you adore your little gremlin so much, the dog’s bad breath or a strange smell coming for his ears and folds are definitely something the worst to experience. French bulldog may smell bad for a number of reasons. While some issues can be solved overnight, there are also many others that require to be treated. Let’s find out the main reasons why does your French bulldog stink.

Ear infections in French bulldogs

There are many reasons for your dog’s bad smell coming from his ears. It could be a lack of cleanliness, excessive hair inside of the ear, and continual moisture. Since Frenchies have wide-opened ears, they are more susceptible to collect dirt, pieces of grass and other barely visible elements. That’s why you should regularly clean his ears. The warm and moist environment is ideal for the yeast to overgrow. The alarming signs of an infection are bloody, red or brown discharge, head shaking, and constant scratching the ear.

As one of the best ear cleaning product for a Frenchie, we suggest you check the following Spirit French bulldog ear cleaner. It reduces itching and makes hair easier to grip. Clean the dog’s ear with a sterile cotton ball, and then apply the Spirit ear powder. Try to keep your dog calm for 10 seconds and don’t allow him to stand up. Repeat the process on another ear and allow your Frenchie to shake his head. You can use this Ear powder once a week to prevent infections and itchiness.

french bulldog stink

French bulldog farts

French bulldog farts could be another reason why you don’t like to see your pet lying in your lap. Unfortunately, Frenchies are naturally prone to suffer from bloating because they literally eat both the air and the food while eating. As you may guess, their flat skull is the reason for such occurrence.

To prevent your dog from flatulence, you can switch to another diet by choosing one of the best French bulldog food brands. Aside from this, the feeding bowl plays an important role too. Since Frenchies can choke during eating, it’s advisable to buy the Anti-choke feeding bowl. The rotating bone in the middle will prolong your dog’s meal and make him work for his meal.

french bulldog stink

French bulldog skin issues

Frenchies are one of those dogs that have overlapping folds on their heads. Those are dark and hidden places that can represent a perfect place for bacterial growth. The folds can retain too much moisture and microorganisms that may result in building infections. Therefore, if you are still wondering why does your French bulldog stink, they could be one of the reasons.

French bulldog’s folds require consistent cleaning to stay dry and odor-free. So, if you check between your dog’s folds and the skin is smelly and red, it’s the ultimate time to take him to see a vet. You can perform a fold cleaning by using wet baby wipes or a wet towel. After you finish the process, you should apply cornstarch to pick up the moisture.

Other skin issues in French bulldogs can be triggered by environmental allergens and food. They manifest in itchy skin that may grow into a bacterial or fungal infection. Yeast infection in French bulldogs is one of the most common conditions that occur due to an allergy and weakened immune system.

Bad Breath in French bulldogs

Bad breath in dogs is probably the worst thing to smell. It is usually the result of odor-producing bacteria in your Frenchie’s mouth, but a constant bad smell may point to something even worse. Diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases, and liver diseases are one of them. On the other hand, bad breath also comes from poor dental hygiene. Therefore, to prevent your Frenchie from tartar and plaque, we suggest you allow him to play with chew toys. The following Tooth cleaning chew toy is made of high-quality rubber that acts like a toothbrush. It also provides a gentle massage to your dog’s gums which makes it a perfect choice for small puppies.

french bulldog stink

Smelly anal glands in French bulldogs

Frenchies might not have tails but they have tail pockets. Those pockets are prone to collecting dirt and feces and can easily become red, itchy and infected. Therefore, if you are the owner of this breed, this is the routine you’ll need to perform daily. You can use wet baby wipes for cleaning the Frenchie’s tail pocket.


How to make your Frenchie’s coat smell great?

French bulldogs are one of those dogs that require using dog shampoos for sensitive skin. You should not wash their coats with a baby or human shampoos because they can dry their skin. The following Biozym dog shampoo provides the anti-itching effect. It repairs the dry skin thanks to the mix of plants.

Another great product that you can use on your Frenchie when you want to make his hair smell fresh is this French bulldog dry cleaning foam. It provides a natural antibacterial effect and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Before you apply it on your dog’s fur, you should clean his body with a wet towel and then apply the foam. By gently massaging the dog’s skin, you’ll feed it with essential powerful herbs. It provides your dog with a protective layer, so your pooch will be less prone to show environmental allergy.

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