why does my french bulldog eat poop

Why Does Your French Bulldog Eat Poop?

Seeing your dog is eating poop is probably the worst scene you can ever imagine. This disgusting behavior can be triggered by several reasons, so let’s discover why does your French bulldog eat poop.

The reasons why does your French bulldog eat poop

Attractive scent

Otherwise known as coprophagia, the compulsive eating of poop often happens during a young age. The puppies’ poop smells strong because of the food proteins that haven’t been digested well. Therefore, the puppy becomes attracted and decides to eat it again. Even though this sounds like the worst-case scenario, there’s actually a reason for such behavior. Most puppies have weak digestive systems and don’t completely finish the digestion process until releasing the stool.

Traumatic experience

Teaching a puppy a good potty behavior is challenging both for you and your pet. In order to escape any traumatic experiences in your dog, you should act very carefully toward your pet. Punishing and yelling are not allowed because it will only cause your dog to feel stressed and traumatized about going to the potty. And when the mess happens at home, your dog will eat his poop just to hide the ‘crime scene’. That’s how he will think that he’ll escape punishment and yelling.

Maternal care

If a Frenchie mom still lives with her puppies in the crate, she will eat the poop of her kids to keep their living place clean. It’s one of the ways to prevent them from getting different diseases.

Puppy’s curiosity

One of the answers on the question ‘why does your French bulldog eat poop’ can be found in a dog’s curiosity. Puppies like to investigate their environment by sniffing and eating different items.

why does your french bulldog eat poop

Boredom or stress

A French bulldog who suffers from separation anxiety will be on a higher tendency to eat his poop. There is no exact reason for such a behavior, but behavior specialists think that’s one of the ways to deal with stress. On the other hand, a bored dog will also suffer from coprophagia due to a lack of activity.

Why does your French bulldog eat poop? Prevention tips

  • A magical pineapple

Even though pineapple represents a perfect summer snack for your Frenchie, the smell of this fruit in the poop will smell bad to your pet. Therefore, if your dog suffers from coprophagia, you can try to include a slice of pineapple to your French bulldog’s diet.

If your dog eats poop due to boredom or stress, occupying his attention by toys can do a lot. You can use different interactive toys for French bulldogs because they include treats as a reward. Our suggestion is to have a look at the following interactive feeding mat.

why does your french bulldog eat poop
  • Coat stools

To prevent your dog from this awful behavior, you can coat the poop with a hot sauce or lemon juice. It can be one of the solutions to teach a dog to connect the feces with something unpleasant.

Feeding your Frenchie with a low-fiber diet because they smell good in food but awful in their feces. Pumpkin, apples, and other fruits and veggies that are high in fiber can help a lot.

  • Keep your dog’s belly full

Although you should pay attention to your French bulldog’s weight, your dog needs to get a required amount of nutrients. An unbalanced diet and missing certain ingredients on the dog’s menu can trigger this condition. Therefore, make sure your dog gets enough vitamins and eats a healthy diet.

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