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Why Does Your Frenchie Fart So Much?

We know that every Frenchie owner loves his/her dog. However, Frenchies are notorious for one not so thrilling feature. Since their farts smell so bad, we guess you often ask yourself the question ‘Why does your Frenchie fart so much?’. That’s why we will provide you with tips on how to solve this evil-smelling issue.

why does your frenchie fart so much

Why does your Frenchie fart so much? Revealed

Flatulence and gasses are the most common conditions that occur in the French bulldog breed. And while a few occasional farts can be funny, the fact is that they smell really bad. Frenchie’s farts can be one of the reasons why you won’t like him to sit in your lap. That’s why you should think about how to help your pet deal with them.

‘Why does your Frenchie fart so much?’ can be a matter of eating a specific diet. Besides their flat skulls that make them prone to suffering from flatulence, eating the right diet plays an important role too. Therefore, here is what to consider when feeding your Frenchie.

  • Choose a diet that your vet recommends you. If you’ve just brought your Frenchie puppy home, it’s not advisable to quickly switch to another diet. You need to follow a gradual schedule to escape not only flatulence but also diarrhea and vomiting in your pooch.
  • Avoid feeding your Frenchie with your food leftovers. Human food is often high in fat, salt, and other spices. As a result, your dog can start dealing with stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea.
  • Choose a high-quality diet that is free of artificial colors and by-products, carbohydrates, and soy. They are also one of the greatest triggers of allergy in your Frenchie that often cause itchiness and bumps.
  • Avoid giving your dog dairy products because they can also be lactose intolerant.
  • Instead of rewarding your dog with commercial treats, you can choose healthy and fresh ingredients such as a slice of an apple (without peel and seeds).

How to solve your French bulldog’s flatulence?

If you daily hear your dog’s stomach rumbling, then the first thing you should do is to buy him an anti-choke feeding bowl. It doesn’t always have to be the food. Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, they tend to inhale food because of the incapability to reach it properly.

Anti-choke feeding bowls usually have a rotating part in the middle or are crafted in a zig-zag form. The following French bulldog feeding bowl is one of the best to use for Frenchies. It extends the meal duration up to 10 times. Since it has a rotating bone in the middle, your batpig will need to work for his food.

Another interactive anti-choke bowl that you can use on your Frenchie, is made in a zig-zag form. It’s made of bamboo fiber melamine and looks like a puzzle that your dog needs to solve before he gets a meal. It is available in 3 colors and can be washed in a dishwasher.

why does your frenchie fart so much

Why does my Frenchie fart do much? What could be another reason?

As we already mentioned, your French bulldog’s diet is of crucial importance when dealing with farts. Therefore, carefully read the label if you feed him with a dry kibble food. Commercial food is often high in artificial ingredients and additives that trigger flatulence. If you want to change your dog’s diet, we recommend you read the following article about the top 8 French bulldog food brands.

Another solution represents switching your dog to the BARF diet for French bulldogs. It includes raw and fresh ingredients that your dog can eat. Before you make a final decision about this type of diet, we recommend you ask your vet for advice.

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