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Why Is My French Bulldog Head Shaking?

Does your Frenchie uncontrollably shake his head? Does he seem like he can’t stop doing it all the time? In case you’ve noticed these symptoms, then your pet probably suffers from head tremors. French bulldog head tremors look quite disturbing not only for you but also for people in your vicinity. To help your pet deal with this condition, we’ve decided to provide you with useful tips that will help your pooch to calm down.

french bulldog head tremors

What are French bulldog head tremors?

Otherwise known as ‘French bulldog head bobbing’, ‘French bulldog head shaking’ or ‘French bulldog head tilting’, this condition is often harmless and cureless. However, there are ways that can help your pooch to calm down and distract the attention from this activity.

French bulldog head tremors are idiopathic ( we don’t know the exact cause) and not life-threatening. A dog can shake his head as an up-and-down movement or side-to-side movement. Since there aren’t neurological conditions that are followed by this symptom, vets can’t tell you the exact answer to the question of why is your pooch shaking his head.

french bulldog head tremors

Ear Infection

In some cases, ear infections could be one of the reasons for this occurrence. Since Frenchies have wide opened ears, we have to regularly check for plant pieces, sand, dirt, and other elements stuck in their ears. If your pooch scratches his ears frequently altogether with the symptom of tilting, then he’ll require antibiotic ear drops and topical creams to heal the infection.

To prevent any issues with your dog’s head, we advise you to perform regular cleaning by using the appropriate Ear Cleaning Solution.

french bulldog head tremors

Canine Distemper Virus

This type of virus occurs in dogs who haven’t got the appropriate vaccine shot against this disease. It affects a wide variety of mammals, such as dogs, wolves, foxes, ferrets, and raccoons. Since it’s highly contagious, a dog with this virus will have a high fever, nose discharge, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, and head shaking. Therefore, if you suspect this disease in your Frenchie, our advice is carefully to monitor all other symptoms in your pet.


If your dog suddenly started to shake his head after you got back from a walk, then we recommend you try to remember all the places you went with your dog. For example, your pet has probably licked or sniffed a poisonous plant of some other harmful elements. Therefore, head tilting will be only one of the reactions that your Frenchie will express.

Neurological condition

As we already mentioned, neurological conditions can be one of the reasons for French bulldog head tremors. Since they are often incurable, the only way to help your pet will be to distract his attention.

How to manage head tremors in your French bulldog?

Use French bulldog toys

By giving your pet toys to chew and play with, you can partially help your dog to deal with this issue. Our recommendation is to use the following Interactive Feeder Toy where you can add peanut butter or some other treats your pooch loves.

french bulldog head tremors

French Bulldog Dumbbell Chew Toy can be another useful tool for occupying the dog’s attention. You just need to fill it with dry kibble and your pet will need to chew it to release the rewards.

french bulldog head tremors

Include calcium supplements

In some cases, the trigger for French bulldog head tremors can be a calcium deficiency. Therefore, our advice is to visit your vet and check whether your dog has a low level of calcium.

Try to calm down your Frenchie

Frenchies who feel stressed or nervous about something can also show head tilting. Head bobbing can occur in episodes of several minutes or run continuously. In both cases, you can try to calm your pet by showing him affection and telling the words of support.

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