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Why Is My French Bulldog Swallowing Constantly?

Is your French bulldog a licker who greets you with wet kisses every time you get back home? Does he lick his mouth or sound like he’s having something in his mouth all the time? This condition happens due to many reasons, and we’ve listed a few of them to help you discover the reason and whether your dog deals with a certain health problem. French bulldog swallowing and licking behavior can indicate a symptom of a medical problem, behavioral problem, or a simple communication tool.

Why is your French bulldog swallowing and licking?

Nausea in French bulldogs

Just like in humans, nausea in dogs can cause excessive saliva production and swallowing. A dog can feel nauseous during driving and start to swallow in order to eliminate the saliva in the mouth. Nauseous French bulldogs can also start licking odd things such as walls, wood, floor, etc.

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Teeth issues

Dental problems could also be one of the reasons for constant French bulldog swallowing. A dog with painful teeth will excessively salivate and also have a visible swelling and deal with the loss of appetite. Some pooches will try to release the pain by drinking water excessively.

Stuck piece of bone or some other item

In case your Frenchie started to breathe noisily and he produces saliva more than usual, then he probably got a piece of bone or some other item stuck between the teeth or jaws. Besides, a Frenchie with a stuck foreign item will paw the mouth or rub the head onto the floor. To help your pooch, inspect his mouth carefully and gently and try to pull out the stuck element.

Fear and anxiety

In case your French bulldog is afraid of other dogs, constant swallowing and mouth licking can be one of the symptoms. By making direct eye contact with another dog, your pooch can start licking lips to show that he’s not interested to have interaction.

On the other hand, French bulldog swallowing can also be a symptom of anxiety. Dogs who deal with separation anxiety will lick their body parts excessively and swallow saliva as well. In case you’re suspecting that your Frenchie’s suffering from this disorder, we recommend you read our article about French bulldog separation anxiety.

french bulldog swallowing

Oral ulcers

Oral ulcers in French bulldogs can cause pain, lip licking, drooling and excessive swallowing. They can grow into an infection if you leave it untreated, so vet advice is required. Mouth ulcers occur on the gums, tongue, and inner cheeks. They’re otherwise called the oral mucosa and they can be associated with teeth and periodontal diseases.


The most severe case of French bulldog swallowing behavior will point out to poisoning. Since our dogs are curious creatures that discover the world by licking and sniffing, we have to pay special attention to this aspect of their lives. If your pooch is swallowing after you got back from a walk, then he’s probably licked a poisonous plant or some other toxic element. Constant swallowing will also be followed by excessive drooling and end up with vomiting and mouth-foaming (in extreme cases). Unfortunately, these situations can end up fatally, so you have to react quickly and take your Frenchie to the vet as soon as possible.

Insect bites

Any bite to the face can cause excessive French bulldog swallowing and licking. Insect bites from spiders, mosquitoes, bees, and horse flies can be very painful and cause excessive swelling, swallowing, and licking.

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