Blued Eyed French Bulldogs- What is Different?

There is no doubt that buying a French bulldog has become the latest trend nowadays. Their popularity is on rise as more and more people are falling in love with their loving disposition and calm temperament. Whether it is the coat or eyes, French bulldogs come in a variety of great colors.

Like many other people, I was also surprised to find that French bulldogs have blue eyes. The healthy and happy pups with beautiful blue color eyes are definitely have an edge over other breeds. The special addition of fur is another inevitable factor why this breed’s sale has exponentially increased.

How Blue Eyed French Bulldogs Are Different

Generally, there is not much difference whether you own a French bulldog with blue eyes or French bulldog with grey blue eyes. Both these French bulldog breeds are rare. One thing that sets them apart from other French bulldogs is their lazy and slouchy behavior.

Comparatively they do not require many sports to release their pent up energy. That does not mean that you should allow them to become couch potatoes. A dog must have some physical activity to stay in shape and to maintain its temperament.

For owning a French bulldog with blue eyes it is important that you to know its eating habits. The French bulldog can be very picky when it comes to food. Plus, it is susceptible to obesity if it is given excessive amount of treats. That is why taking it on a daily walk is somewhat important to keep them exuberant and healthy.

Behavioral Difference – Blue Eyed French Bulldogs and Typical Bulldogs

The deep blue tranquil eyes are not the only unique defining feature of blue eyed or blue grey eyed French bulldogs. When it is about behavior, you will find blue eyed French bulldogs more playful as compared to typical French bulldogs.

It does not mean that French bulldogs do not like to wander around or enjoy canine sports. It also loves strolls and walks with its owner but blue French bulldogs are persistent. Despite the fact that a blue eyed French bulldog has lazy looking physique, if you show that you want to play with it, it will not let you go. This is one of the standout and endearing qualities of this unique dog, making it a wonderful pet for younger individuals.

French bulldogs with Blue Eyes for Sale

Despite the fact that this breed is rare, there are many reputable breeders who have blue eyed French bulldogs for sale. They know how to breed ‘Blue Bloodlines. To meet the standard requirements they select male and female French bulldogs carefully only from healthy breeding lines.

Most of them choose the standard bloodline of Maximis, Brad bullies, and Torjanman. The breeders focus more on quality than color.

Bottom Line

All in all, both blue eyed or blue grey eyed French bulldogs have striking and beautiful features. There is no doubt owning them can be a great experience, but you need to be aware of their behavioral patterns and correct breed line.

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