training a french bulldog

Things To Know When Training A French Bulldog

Training a French bulldog might sound challenging because they know to behave stubbornly from time to time. However, once you break them into the right spirit they’re not so bad! A Frenchie will do anything if it means getting some treats from someone who loves him or her. In return for all these efforts spent in making your favorite dog happy – he/she will respond nicely on command and behave obediently.

training a French bulldog

What do you need to know about French bulldog personality?

Owning a Frenchie will make you the happiest dog owner in the world because these pooches are known for their affectionate and kind natures. That’s why they take first place in homes of the Big Apple, and 4th place in the whole USA. Frenchies don’t require much activity because of their brachycephalic skulls. Due to this reason, they’re also one of the most popular dogs for apartment-living conditions.

When we talk about training a French bulldog, it should be performed gradually to get the best results. The most important lessons to teach your furry friend are to learn housebreaking rules. Besides, socialization lessons and crate training are also equally important in building a healthy and confident personality.

training a french bulldog

Training a French bulldog- What are the most important things your dog has to learn?

Crate training a French bulldog

Crate training a French bulldog represents an effective way to establish obedience in your batpig. People often have wrong opinions about crates because they think they represent confined cages or some other confined space. However, the truth is that a dog crate can be his/her bed or some other special corner of the room. Here you can find an adorable selection of French bulldogs beds and houses for your little gremlin.

A French bulldog’s curiosity often leads them to explore their surroundings. Crating can be useful when you cannot directly supervise your dog while out. Besides, it can prevent any accidents at home or getting into trouble with other animals who live there too!

Training a French bulldog to become socialized

Frenchies can be a little reserved when they come in contact with people they don’t know. In addition, some of these dogs may act aggressively towards other dogs and even cats! However, this doesn’t happen very often since many breeders take socialization steps when the puppy is still in the kennel. French bulldog puppies bought from a reputable breeder will quicker become socialized than from puppies that have been rescued and adopted.

The most important thing during socialization training is making friendships slowly by approaching your pup in different ways. Try talking gently while offering treats and repeat until both parties enjoy being close together. Training them can be easy as long as you make it seem like a game and keep both enjoyable. And, according to the opinions of different behavior specialists, every dog should become completely socialized by the 14th week of life.

Potty training a French bulldog

Just like babies, our pooches need to have a schedule. That way they know when it is time to eat, sleep or play with their human companions! You should take your Frenchie outside immediately after he wakes up from napping (or sleeping). Some recommend that you have to do this every two hours – but generally speaking, a puppy can control its bladder for about an hour in relation to how old it is. Therefore, make sure not to leave your Frenchie alone too long otherwise the consequences could get really messy! Don’t let your dog eat between meals or drink for at least two hours before bedtime. This will help him learn that food is not always on offer, and when it’s time to potty.

Chewing behavior in French bulldogs

French bulldogs can chew due to separation anxiety or boredom so that’s why it’s important to make a distinction between these two things. Their natural curiosity leads them to chew whatever is around for fun – including your personal belongings and valuable items! If you own such a Frenchie, make sure that all possible hiding spots within range are covered before letting Fido explore on his own time. If he starts chewing something inappropriate, give him something else immediately or interrupt the behavior by offering his favorite French bulldog toy.

The key to successful training a French bulldog

Punishing a French bulldog

To live with an obedient, confident, and happy pet, there are several steps to follow. Punishing and yelling at the dog are not allowed. Our dogs are social beings, so they don’t love to be treated without respect. Even though your Frenchie has a kind heart, he/she won’t forget your yelling and punching. This method can only regress the success you’ve made.

Consistency in training

Stay positive and consistent. These are the two most important words to keep in mind. Every Frenchie would love to see his/her owner happy during training lessons. Besides, it’s important to mention that not every dog needs the same amount of time to learn certain commands. While some pooches learn a specific command only after 2 repetitions, others may need days to figure out what they should do. Therefore, you have to stay consistent and have a lot of understanding for your dog. Smart Frenchies quickly get bored during training lessons, so we have to entertain and keep them occupied.

training a french bulldog

Use rewards and praise words

Every dog loves to get rewards during training lessons, feel important, and loved. It affects their self-esteem and rewards help them connect desirable behavior with treats. Therefore, if you’re training a French bulldog, using snacks will help you tackle his/her intelligence and keep him occupied.

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