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French Bulldog Puppy- How Does Your Puppy Grow?

French bulldog or a Frenchie is a sturdy, large-headed, compact dog breed with a short snout, and bat-like ears. They are a lovable, playful, lively, and distant relative of the English bulldog. Their personality is affectionate, and get well with children, importantly coming in small size means that they will not grow beyond nine months. However, coming to their growth phase, there are many changes associated with it.  That’s why we wanted to introduce you to the important stages of your French bulldog puppy growth.

french bulldog puppy

How does your French bulldog puppy grow?

French bulldog breeders play an important role in preparing the puppies for their new homes. Whatever dog breed you want to buy, every puppy should spend approximately 8 weeks in the kennel. It’s the period a puppy needs to get proper socialization and strengthen the immunity. The time spent with the mother is extremely important. In that way, the puppy builds a healthy and non-aggressive personality that will ensure you living with a well-socialized and obedient dog.

Newborn Frenchie puppies

Newborn Frenchie puppies can’t see or walk. They require the help of a breeder in order to get a sufficient amount of mother’s milk. Newborn puppies are highly reliant to their moms for everything from nutrition to keeping warm and staying clean. Newborn Frenchies will spend most of their time eating and sleeping just like human babies.

2-4 weeks old French bulldog puppy

Your puppy’s eyes and ears will become opened and in the third week, your pooch will start to walk and bark. This is also the period when its milk teeth will begin to appear. Your pup will also start to investigate the environment for the first time.

5-12 weeks old French bulldog puppy

Your puppy is ready to be taken to a new home at 8 weeks. It’s also a great time to start with teaching it to respond when you pronounce its name. Your little gremlin will be physically vulnerable and a bit clumsy. This period is also the right time to start with crate training. In that way, you’ll prevent it from suffering from separation anxiety.

3-6 months old French bulldog puppy

Your little pet is now six months old. Thus, you have witnessed his growth cycle from a cute little pup of three months to six months. A six-month-old French bulldog puppy becomes an adolescent and able to learn tricks. You can start teaching him to lie down, sit, stay, and many other useful commands that your French bulldog puppy should perform throughout the lifetime.

The six months old puppy weighs about 75 % of an adult dog. It’s also the stage when the permanent premolars erupt while the molars erupt at 5-7 months of age. To ease your puppy’s teething phase, we recommend you to use French bulldog toys. Chewing dog toys made of rubber will help your Frenchie to calm the irritated gums, and accelerate the process of growth.

Another useful tip to help your 6 months old Frenchie puppy is to use a Toothbrush. French bulldog toothbrush serves to ease the dog’s itchy gums and successfully remove tartar and plaque in older dogs.

What to expect from your Frenchie puppy?

During the growth phase, there will be a lot of changes happening in your puppy. One of them is slowing down the physical growth of the puppy. Energy levels of the puppy will increase manifolds; At this age, there will be new requirements for your pet that will need to cater. Thus, be prepared as you will experience a new journey with your loyal, friendly companion.

Physical development

By six months of age, the growth of a puppy will slow down. By six months, your little pup should become adequately house-trained and should have full control of its bladder and bowels.

Your pooch will also reach its sexual maturity between six months and eight months of age. If your dog is not neutered it may show interest in female dogs, and your female dog if not spayed, will enter the stage of heat. By this time the puppies will naturally start to lift legs to urinate and mark areas, so it’s the ultimate time to perform the potty training.

Behavior changes

As the pup is now in adolescent age, its energy level will decrease. In this phase, the pet may also display destructive behavior, which is usually due to boredom, and an increase in confidence and energy levels. Therefore try to keep your pet engaged and start with training sessions or hire a personal trainer. Playing fetch and using French bulldog toys can be a great solution for keeping a pet entertained.

Health and care

Besides getting essential vaccines, your French bulldog puppy should visit a vet approximately every 6 months. If you notice any unusual behavior or a sign of illness, visit a vet in the meanwhile to discuss your concerns.

Other health and care routines include regular nail trimming, grooming, tail pocket cleaning, ear cleaning, and paw care. As one of the best paw balms for French bulldogs, we suggest you check the following one.

Food and Nutrition

A proper balanced diet and nutrition are quintessential for your French bulldog’s growth. Feed the pup with the food that is labeled with dog growth until the growth is done. From 9 months onward, your Frenchie can start eating adult dog food. One of the most important things to mention is that you should carefully choose the food for your dog. They are prone to flatulence that can be caused by by-products, grains, eggs, and artificial ingredients. To escape these issues, we suggest you read our article about the best food brands for French bulldogs.

If your little gremlin shows allergies to specific ingredients, then you should consider switching to another diet. In many cases, a raw diet showed brilliant improvements, so it may be a good choice for your pet too.   

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